Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Insert witty title here

Tochter had a downright normallish day, still sleeping a bunch but not as seemingly skewed. She didn't eat very much, though, or perhaps she's just eating more efficiently. Some people formula feed just because it's so annoying not knowing how much the kid eats when they nurse! I can hear it... but gosh, there's a lot more bitachon with this system. Hopefully SR absorbs some of it.

We had a close poop-call tonight, when seconds before we removed her diaper before the tubby, she filled it but good, as they say. Who says Hashem doesn't pay attention to the tiny details?
Here's a picture of Prunella cozied up with her blanket... okay fine, it's a burp cloth, not a blankie, but one just doesn't think of a burp cloth as a cozy item, no? Still, ain't she yum?

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