Saturday, July 15, 2006

Last times

I remember reading in Elizabeth Berg's "Open House" that the narrator wishes she had known, the last time that she read her son a book, that it was going to be the last time, because he grew up.

My daughter will be 16 weeks old this week, and I was thinking about how many 'last times' we've already had. Some of them I'm happy about - some of them, I kinda wish...

We've rolled down the top of her diaper to accomodate her umbilical cord stump for the last time.
She's had hair on her ears for the last time (well, until she's REALLY old).
We've put her to sleep wrapped in no fewer than three blankets for the last time.
She's had an 'outie' for the last time (it's pretty much gone innie - until she's pregnant, IY"H).
We've swaddled her (and she liked it) for the last time.
We've been able to store things in the crib with her, because she couldn't move around yet, for the last time.
We've been worried that she would never poop with any regularity for the last time (B"H!).
She's made us wonder if she really likes us for the last time (thank God she can smile now!).
I've needed 4 pillows propped up around me just to feed her successfully for the last time.
We've been able to leave her somewhere up high without fear that she'd roll over for the last time.
We've been stopped by random strangers who say 'mazal tov!' just because she's so obviously brand new for the last time.

Sigh. The little tochter is growing up!

We had a lovely shabbos all together (up to and including Prune going to bed last night at 1:30 AM - however, she went down at 11:30 PM tonight, so I really can't complain). She owes us a poop though.

Enjoy pics of her and the Savta & Saba!

2:48 AM addendum: You know when Yoav goes in just to check on her, and - poof - she's magically wide awake? Sigh. So I fed her and lulled her back to sleep with a combination of
a) the lullaby I made up to 'Silent Night' way back when I was a 12 year old babysitter
b) my patented 'shhhhh shhhhh huwa' rhythmic quieting thingamabob. Bli ayin hara, seems to be working... only problem is, I can't stop doing it. So shhh shhh huwa, and have a good night!

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