Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More not for granted

If you bathe her at 10 PM, and she's asleep* by 11 PM, do not take for granted that when she wakes up and eats at 1 AM that she will go back to sleep. Oh no.

She likes to fall asleep with one hand on her forehead, Scarlett O'Hara style (think "Oh, Rhett!"), and one hand either on her head too or, preferred, holding my hand (aw). Sometimes she will fall asleep in her stroller with her duck (she has a duck) up on her forehead, with one hand clutching it there, one hand on its back, and of course, one 'wing' in her mouth. I got to the point where I took the duck from the stroller, dabbed milk onto the wing (it needs to go in the washing machine anyhow), and stuck it in her mouth. Several times. Helped - a little.

But the bonus - while I went out to get the duck, she rolled over again onto her tummy, the first time since the original first time, unassisted! (And before you ask, no, she won't sleep on her stomach - she won't even put down her head that way.) And other bonus - I got to watch the auction I was bidding on on eBay finish (including me being outbid with 23 seconds left to go, harumph!).

It's 2:42 AM now, and it's been 10 minutes since I heard a peep. I am not taking ANYTHING for granted, and am about to tiptoe to my bed. Goodnight - I hope.

*It took me three tries to spell this correctly. Who says I'm tired?

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