Thursday, July 27, 2006

More to say

Okay, I'm still up, wanted to add a couple things.

First of all, the lovely ditty in the previous post was arranged by Yoav the Talented - bravo, bravo!

Secondly, the doc suggested, when I mentioned to her that Prune had been eating a little fussily lately, that perhaps the baby wasn't hungry as often as I fed her, or that she was eating so much faster now, that after a few minutes she'd fuss. Hmm. Well, she hasn't eaten much today, and then tonight...

Let's see. We went to the grocery store at 8 PM. She slept little today too, so she conked out till 8:30. Then she was up and looking around, but by 9 when we're on the way home she was bawling. Hungry, thought I (especially since her previous meal had been at 6 PM, and it wasn't a big meal). So I took her home and fed her. She ate well. She was up and playing, and Yoav gave her a bath at 11 PM. Afterwards, she was awake and happy (usually after her baths she's crying to eat and sleep), so he held her for a bit... and looked down, and she was asleep!

So now it's almost 1:30 AM, and she hasn't eaten since 9:30 PM. And she's, bli ayin hara, sleeping soundly. As I should be, taka. Goodnight!

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