Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Not fair!

It's 2:53 AM, and I'm not asleep! The girl has been out for hours and I'm wide awake! Harumph! There ought to be a law about this kind of thing. I've showered and have yummy clean sheets in a yummy soft bed and the AC is on and so I can burrow down into the covers, and the daughter sleeps peacefully... and I'm up!! ARGH!!

Posted later: she woke up about 3:30 AM to eat (I was still up) and I got to sleep about 4ish, only to wake up at 6 to feed her... and at 8:30... and because Hashem loves me, she then didn't wake me again until 11. When I woke up, I heard her squeaking up a storm in her crib all by herself. I peeked in, and if what I saw was correct, she was happily talking to her feet! (Well, actually the extra two inches of fabric hanging from her feet since her pajamas are a bit big.) When I finally went in to her, she saw me, gave a great big smile and full-body wiggle... and then started crying, cause apparently I reminded her that she was hungry!

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