Wednesday, July 12, 2006


As many of you know, I've been in a few plays - neighborhood things, but they tend to be produced on a large scale. For example, in January/February this year (whilst highly preggers), I had six performances in J-town. Those, plus all the practices, dress rehersals, etc, all add up to taking up a whole lotta time.

And when we come back from our jaunt to the US, it will be audition time again.

To play or not? There are actually two plays running auditions then. One is a bigger time committment, but more limelight. The other is more local, but will still be a bunch of work. By then the tochter will be sleeping more regularly (please God!) and bedtime will be earlier too (just like a real live baby!). Then again, I'll be back at work... Darn it, these decisions requiring maturity (blech) ain't much fun.

Anyway, Toch had a pretty good day, although she resisted an afternoon/evening nap like crazy. She finally fell asleep for more than 15 minutes around 10 PM, at which point she stayed home with Yoav and his folks while I ran out to a friend's... and promptly screamed her head off. They gave her a bottle (note to self: always leave milk in the fridge), and she finished it (had I mentioned she ate like an hour before?) and was then just the most happy and giggly of princesses.

We all survived.

In this picture, you can see why we can't leave her unattended, unstrapped-in anymore. She's trying to break out! She's also trying to turn over and break outta her tub lately - it may be time to move to the big bath. There go our knees and backs!


Nechama Gorf said...

at least if she moves into the real bathtub, she'll stop having accidents in the fleishig sink...

Miriam the Mommy said...

That's pretty funny!