Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Take nothing for granted

There's something called a nursing strike, wherein a baby who previously was nursing just fine suddenly refuses to eat. Most babies, if they're not hungry, as soon as eating is presented to them will start eating and then stop, or will eat a bunch and spit it all up because their stomachs are already full. When a baby won't even begin feeding, but just keeps on crying or doing whatever despite the food source in their face - that's what a nursing strike is like.

Prune's been a little kvetchy about eating the last couple of days, but today she had a few hours where she would just not eat. Period. She'd be wailing, but when I offered her the food she just kept on screaming away.

It ended when I tried giving her some milk in a bottle. It's much harder to turn away a bottle, because it gets shoved into your mouth and starts dripping away, whether you close your mouth or not. So after trying to block it, she finally started eating from the bottle. I took it away, and tried to feed her myself - and finally, finally she starting sucking. And a tremendous burst of teary gratitude overwhelmed me. How blessed I am that my baby knows how to eat! I had completely taken it for granted that she is able to nurse and able to swallow. It's really a miracle that not only can she do so, but she's known how since the delivery room. Tremendous.

I don't know that I can call this an actual nursing strike, since turns out she only hadn't eaten in like three or four hours, which isn't too much, but during that time she so seemed like she wanted to eat, and it was incredibly frustrating and painful not to be able to give her what she wanted.

Speaking of not taking things for granted, today she found her toes! Now she can suck on them herself - I don't have to stick them in her mouth for her anymore! (Pardon that in the picture she's not very dressed - she's in that same cute overalls outfit she's worn many times before, BUT I had to open the snaps on the bottom of the pants, because it's too small now! She's growing, B"H!)

Today we spent a lot of time with the Kaplans out in the yard (which is bouncing back nicely from our two months or so of water neglect), and Peanuthead stood in the grass for the first time (assisted). And still on the topic of taking things for granted, our lemon tree which had dropped every single one of its leaves as of a week ago (funny how no water does that to a tree) has about a dozen little leaf buds popping out now!

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