Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tochter in motion

Bless her little outie belly button, the toch did a lot of sleeping today! She slept on the way to the bris, and later on, we sat down to eat at 2 PM... and I woke up at 3:30 (we both slept, hurray!), and she continued to sleep in her crib until 5:30 PM! And she's out now, too.

I wanted to go in and photograph her all a-shloof for your blogging edification, but alas, she was stirring a bit in her sleep, and I didn't think a big momma flash would quite qualify for keeping stimulation low. So we'll have to get a new cute sleeping shot during daylight.

She is really so impressively active these days (when she's awake, that is). She ADORES standing (with support, of course), and likes to wiggle and kick and fly through the air to the cries of "Incredible Flying Tochter!" She'll have her own crime-fighting TV show any day now (POW! ZAP! BIFF! KABAM! DROOL!).

Saba is here now - hurray! The Butternut already drooled on his fingers, so he's properly initiated into the exclusive fraternity. And it's 1 AM, and I should sleep! Goodnight!

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