Friday, July 14, 2006

Unlimited cosmic powers

Today - really, tonight - was the first time I manipulated my daughter's sleeping schedule, i.e. woke her up out of her nap at 9 PM to try to ensure a bedtime prior to 2 AM! And - taka - it seems to have worked, since she went to sleep at 11:30 with very little fuss.

It will take more time until I know for sure if it works - we'll see tomorrow!

I'm off to a nice warm sleep (since this is now day 2 of the Broken Air Conditioner. You can live without an a.c., sure, but once you're already used to living with it... not so easy! And my daughter insists on sleeping with a blanket over most of her face (don't worry, it has holes!)). Goodnight!

1 comment:

bilha said...

Hey Mir. She looks like she's gained some weight in the past week. Her face looks chubbier. B"H. Very cute pic of the two of you. Have a good Shabbos!