Friday, July 07, 2006

What, me shloofy?

She forgot how to sleep. Remember, last week, sleeping too much? Nope, sorry, not this babe. Between noon and midnight today, she slept only two hours - ouch. The funny thing is, she was really just fine, not particularly kvetchy or anything, actually quite yummy and cute and active.

This, THIS is why this site I just found,, seems like it might be a good match for my compulsivity. You enter every detail about the babe that you want to - times they sleep, times and what they eat, diapers changed, and gosh, a lot more, and it produces happy little charts for you. So you can see if Junior has a leaky poop diaper every third day after the full moon, and so on. They have a free trial... I just happen to have a record of my daughter's sleeping patterns (in 30 minute increments) in Excel for the last... um... well, since April 28 (oh my, that is pathetic), although I did take a week off once. Maybe I'll sign up for the free trial, load in all the data, and get a three-color chart telling me what I already know, namely my daughter forgot how to sleep today.

I think she had such a happy day since not once today did I attack her poor little nostrils with the shnozzle sucker-outer. I just let her sniffle (although, B"H, her snifflage is way down).

Enjoy these pictures from our morning toilet. Note her attractive little dress, but don't pick her up too carelessly, because her britches tend to fall down (note: someone suggested I put her in two diapers to bulk up her tush enough to fill out the little tushy cover. Um, no.). It's a 6 month size, and with dresses you can get away with that (especially because baby dresses are meant to go to about mid-thigh), but the accessories don't fit well. And quite obviously, the close up is when I was applying her Oil of Olay sunscreen (to keep her looking younger, longer! She loves the skin she's in!).

Oh, and then just another picture that Savta took. Yum, no?

By the way, is the whole sidebar on this blog loading for anyone else, you know, where all the archive links are, etc? It's not loading on my computer, hasn't in days, and I've tweaked settings and can't make it reappear. Any feedback?


Faye Berman said...

no sidebar here.
your kid is really really cute KE"H

debbie said...

no side bar. loving that dress though.