Thursday, August 31, 2006

You know your baby is jet-lagged when...

When your going-to-bed toothbrushing is within three hours of your waking-up-in-the-morning toothbrushing.

Man, can I say krias shma shel mita when it's only a couple hours until shachris?

She's asleep. Then again, at 3 AM she also went to sleep for a deceptive five minutes. Hopefully this will last longer! For the last while I've been rotting both of our brains watching the clips on Sesame Street's baby program, and playing counting games with Elmo. Poor baby. I think I fried her little eyeballs.

addendum at 5:06 AM: You know, you KNOW that as soon as I posted that she woke up. Now she's down again, and I am here at the end of my tether, rope, rattle, Lincoln Log, popsicle stick, etc, etc.

Bushy tailed


This day and night thing is a little whacked. Once again, after getting up early (5ish AM) she went back to sleep at 8:30 AM, and besides eating once in the middle, we had to wake her up at 1:30 PM, or else she would have happily continued being unconscious. She had some smaller naps today, largely due to our outings in the car (more below) and she went to 'bed' at around 11. Now it's 1:20 AM, and she's been up several times already. Darn, there she goes again...

Okay, now it's 1:38 AM, and she's out of bed, on my lap. This blog is now gonna be shorter, since I'm typing with one hand! Anyway, Yoav and I are fairly zomboid with all this. I even slept most of that 8:30 AM-1:30 PM, and I'm still pooped!

Speaking of pooped, it's been 10 days since she has!!! Yikes! I'm about ready to try the dreaded Thermometer Technique, and if you don't know what that is, I ain't gonna tell ya.

Today we went with the great grandma Savta Raba to get some tests done at the hospital, thus bringing us to our number one entry in the Top Ten Places Never To Let A Baby Play, namely, the floor of the emergency room triage. Are we smart parents, or what?

Here's the girl with her abba at Port Jefferson, NY, and shots with each of her uncles, Uncle Boaz Druyan (upper pic) and Uncle Micah Rosenblatt (lower pic). Someone told us they thought she looks like Boaz - opinions?

Tomorrow we must do something about making shabbos. Wish us luck keeping our eyes open as we chop things!

addendum at 2:24 AM: She's playing on the floor (she's successfully scooted on her tummy off the play mat). All of a sudden, I feel a nibbling on my heel. My daughter is using my foot as a teether!! Wet, filthy - but very, very cute.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back in the saddle

(sorry for the cowgirl reference - I have been home in Texas, after all, ya'll)

We're back! I apologize for my dismal blogging whilst we were abroad, but there was just so much to do, so many grocery stores to solicit, so many trips to Target to make... and so many people to see! We saw so many people, had so much fun, spent so much money (not necessarily ours - thanks, various grandparents!) - it was great. And old Blueberry Eyes was very cordial on the flights, thank God.

We're now in the throes of conquering jet lag. It's funny how I always was impressed by my own ability to handle international travel without any excessive fatigue. Well, nix that. I'm at the stage that if I close my eyes for a second, my little neurons yelp to my brain to fall asleep, and I keep having strange dreams inbetween sentences... (And you're saying, we don't care about you - tell us about the girl!) Princess Frequent Flyer Mile is doing well, B"H. We only woke her up once today (she slept from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM!) but otherwise she was doing well and quite ready to sleep when we put her to bed around 9 PM. Now it's almost midnight, and she's been up once to eat and once to be re-pacified, and hopefully she'll stay down a bit longer... We always knew she was perfect, ya know?

She is getting so BIG! This morning (at 4 AM) when she was crying, I noticed her cry has moved out of the adorable-miniature-newborn-cute cry, into the I-figured-out-how-to-use-my-lungs-so-move-it-and-feed-me cry. And her legs are getting so plump that the leg holes of one of her tushy covers were tight. Imagine. I have to make a doc's appointment, but I suspect that my little five month old butterbean will weigh in most beautifully.

Now we only took 223 pictures on this trip - oh, wait, that's just my camera. There are probably another hundred or so on the ZaydeCam. (We interrupt this blog for - surprise, surprise! - the awakening of Sarah Rochel. Feeding her wasn't enough this time; she's now in her stroller, toy in hand, watching me blog.) So which pictures to post? Decisions, decisions. So for tonight, here are some pictures of the girl and some auxillary relatives.

Oh, booger, now Blogger ain't loading my pictures. Sigh. So we'll stop there for this evening, because it's now 12:30 AM and I fear my daughter may require my direct attentions most soonish. Like now.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rearing our pretty heads

We're in Houston. I know I grew up here, but I must say, I'd forgotten how flipping hot it gets!! Now, I'm not in the heat much - just between indoors and car, ya know - but for those few moments, whoo-hooey! It's kinda like how one of my roommates in the hospital snored so badly that I can never complain about Yoav's snoring ever again, so too RBS is looking pretty temperate right now..

The trip went well. They allowed the bottle of milk we had for the baby, no problem, and allowed the two medicinal type things as well, although they did SOMETHING to them (had a dog sniff them, maybe, I don't know). We forgot about the bottle of Purell we had in the diaper bag, though, and only discovered it when I pulled it out to use on the plane! I think the scanning people weren't suspicious of us, because we had already declared the liquids we had. Still, shame on them for not finding it.

It is WONDERFUL to be here with the folks, and we're all having a lovely time. Today we went to Sam's (spent money), this great mom & baby store (more money still!), and out to lunch. And we're not through yet! Yesterday the girlchild met her maternal-maternal great-grandparents and great-aunt for the first time, and she was totally perfectly behaved.

Hopefully tonight, tochter permitting, I'm going to upload some of the myriad pictures we have taken so far, and you can all get your Sarah Rochel fix. She does, day by day, grow even cuter, bli ayin hara. Maybe because babies aren't nearly as prevalent here as in Israel, but random strangers are stopping us all the time here to tell us how cute she is (someone remind me of this when she's a teenager, alright?).

Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's all too much

(This title, while an obvious Beatle allusion is somewhat misleading. In the song, the phrase means it's an overblessing of good things. While everything we're doing is good... wow, overwhelmed.)

We can't do it all - this is our conclusion. Our NY trips tend to be overfilled with trying to see lots of people. The last couple times we were here, we tried to streamline that process. I still think we didn't set our sights too high, except for... Tochterus Kvetchimus. She's really been wonderful, but she does have needs, and those needs include eating (gotta love changing rooms in stores! Today a lady stopped me on the way into a changing room with a "Miss, are you trying anything on?" I replied yes - the baby! "She fits, don't worry," said I, and when I exited I told the attendant that I'd take this one), sleeping, wanting to NOT be in this car seat for another second (!), and of course, pooping.

We went bowling today with Uncle Boaz, and as we were leaving the bowling alley I turned the girl to a horizontal position, took a sniff, and commented that boy, did she stink. And then I looked down. The poop had migrated up her back (correct, hitting her tushy cover, dress and onesie), and since I had been holding the little tuber, onto my shirt and the t-shirt beneath it as well. So, we change her on a snack table at the bowling place ("I have a birthday party coming in here in five minutes!!" Well, I couldn't find the changing table in the bathroom - it was hidden in the handicapped stall. Anyway...), change her into her reserve outfit, and I feverishly scrub at my stained shirt. Needless to say, it didn't fix it.

Luckily, Sears was there! Just next door, in fact. So wearing my eau du poop cologne I went and bought the same shirt I had been wearing (purchased at a different Sears the day prior) in a new color, changed clothes, and we were off, even if our shirt did clash with our hat. But at least I wasn't getting dirty looks anymore.

However, right around then was when it all became too much. We had planned to go to Lakewood today; didn't happen. Planned to see another friend of Yoav's; nope.

So now we've mapped out the rest of our stay in NY, and we've trimmed it into a more reasonable schedule, I hope. Next time we come I think we'll just get married again, or better yet, just have a shmorg somewhere, so everyone can come to us!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wherefore art thou?

Well, we made it to NY! Prunella was totally WONDERFUL on the plane; she slept much of the time, and even when she was up she was happy as long as we were pacing around with her a bit. My elaborate psuedo-haircutting cape homemade nursing cover up thing (i.e. sheet with hole, not entirely unlike Charlie Brown's traditional Haloween costumes) was effective, and no one even laughed at it (in my hearing).

And then we got here - hurray! We've been reaping in the goodies. Yesterday we hit Target and today we hit Sears, oh and today we also went to Shoprite, where my shvigger kindly allowed us to purchase such practical food items such as Goober. Thanks oh generous Saba and Savta!

We've also been seeing friends, and just went this evening to wedding #1 of the four we'll IY"H hit while we're here - such fun!

Her Majesty acclimated to the time zone suspiciously well, bli ayin hara. Last night she went to sleep in the car around 9:30 PM, and didn't wake up until four AM - that's almost totally unheard of. Tonight she went to sleep about 10 PM, and when we got home at 11 we tried to transfer her from car seat to pack-and-play... and naturally she woke up. So I fed her and tried to put her back to sleep, and she did eventually go back, although she was quite fitful for about twenty minutes.

Alas, I won't be able to post any pictures until we're in Houston, which is in a week, but I invite you all to browse the archives for the old ones to get your fix.

Unrelated to the trip, the big news I got right before 9 Av was that my bosses, being wise and holy persons, are oh-so-generously allowing me to work part-time until Sarah Rochel is a year old! So I get to play more with the toch!! Yippeee!! God is so, SO good to us - he's the bomb!! My hours will be 8:30-1:30. Talk'n'Save - they're the best! Hmm, how can I pay them back? Oh yeah, this blog is all over Google, so...

TalknSave is the greatest talk n save is the best talk and save is amazing, need a cellular phone in Israel? Choose and you'll be so glad you did! I LOVE Talk'n'Save!! My daughter exclusively drools on Talk'n'Save phones. Yay Talk'n'Save! Israel phone rental, rent a phone in Israel, rent a phone for Israel!

Ah, I love advertising, even free cheesy stuff.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Making haste!

Just a quick note, dear ones. We are running around like meshuganehs
(alright, alright - we ARE meshuganehs) getting ready for the big trip.
We look forward to seeing you all! Okay, well most of you, anyway - wish
we could see ALL of you (Faye, please email me your number since I'm
notorious for forgetting these things). All is well - have a wonderful
shabbos - and we're off!

Our new celebrity

Alternate title: The Girl Who Pooped. Other alternate title: She Who Must Not Be Burped.
(for all of you who don't recognize what the title of the post is alluding to, see the enhanced picture at the end of this post. Poor little tochter - we didn't do it, promise! She musta scratched herself.)

We made it!! B"H it really wasn't that bad at all (I mean, 9 Av STINKS and is horrible, but the fasting wasn't too bad). Butterbean is such a tzadekes, she musta known I needed her to be easy and sleepy today, because she was. Only once when she was nursing was she super fussy, like she wasn't getting enough to eat, so for that meal she got a bottle. Later in the day nursing was fine again. In the last hour or two I felt very weak, and so we gave her a bottle again so I could rest... and we made it!

Hope all ya'll in the US are boarding the eagle now...

We are gearing up for the big trip, finally doing all the laundry and getting our act together, or attempting to! The girl thoughtfully went to sleep about a half hour ago, so we can run around packing her wee little things with fewer distractions (she's only allowed to wear ugly clothes between now and motzei shabbos).

I am doing a bit of online scuttlebutt research now (only mild pun intended) to decide which diapers, etc, to buy in America. Ah, Target... I hear you calling me (and no, a blog extolling the virtues of the materiality of America immediately post-9 Av is not hypocritical. Nowhere do we learn that galus is supposed to be uncomfortable. America is tops when it comes to materialism - no contest. However, I don't think that should be why someone chooses a place to live. Which is why I'm so happy visiting America, stocking up on goodies... and coming back!).

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Brought home

Someone on the block arranged a women's reading (i.e. after the main ones were done, so women who had stayed home with the kids could go now) of Eicha (Lamentations) this evening, Tisha B'av. It's amazing how much more of it hits home when one has a child (this chapter is an excellent example). The events of and leading up to the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash and subsequent expulsion are beyond our comprehension, we, a generation who knows intimate details of the Holocaust. It goes beyond that.

Sigh. It isn't supposed to be like this.

Yoav is asleep on his mattress on the floor. I, fasting, am sitting here on the floor too, with the computer propped up on a chair. My daughter is of course wide awake (she slept in her crib after her bath and midnight snack for all of 10 minutes before calling me in and giving me a massive okay-Mom-time-to-play!-grin). She's on the floor too, but less as a sign of mourning than due to gravity. She's busy playing with the box from the toy we bought her earlier this week (that must be why it cost so much money - you get the toy and the box).

We've been sitting on the floor for thousands of years. Thousands of years - a totally ridiculous amount, right? Who can relate to something that happened so long ago?

The answer is - we can. Because it hasn't ended. It just transmogrifies in each generation. Pogroms, expulsions, inquisitions, crusades, wars, holocausts, libels, riots... The bombs landing up north are a continuation of it.

What we're praying for is that this generation - most importantly, our childrens' generation - should see the end of it.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

There's still time...

Since we've already established that God reads this blog... there's still time left!!


Well, you in America still have more hours left... any sign of the eagle?

Hope to see you all soon here, home, in Israel.

Little scoundrel

Need to run to bed, but thought you'd all enjoy this picture of my little charmer at her most playful all day... 10 minutes after I had put her to bed. She's just too cute to sleep, that's all there is to it!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Strange stuff

Blogger is being weird, so this is another no-picture post. My

Remember I said Prunella's bedtime was getting earlier? Sure, that's why
she went to bed - under protest - at 1 AM tonight. Sigh.

I found the Fisher-Price thing I bought yesterday online, at a price of
$12.99. So the price I got it for was just, um, almost exactly double.
Let's here it for capitalism! Sigh.

Speaking of capitalism (if you don't know how I can make this segue, you
didn't grow up like me), I've been busy lately helping 'shlock' (that
is, adapt) the lyrics to the songs from 'Annie' for next year's Zir
Chemed play. I'm having a great time doing it! I haven't decided yet if
I'm going to try out to be in the play (because, you see, I'll be
working again, and the cute short person who moved into my house about 4
months ago takes up just a wee bit of my leisure time), so it's nice
that I get to be involved in some way! (Oh, and the segue is as follows:
I mentioned capitalism. Easily the first exposure that I had to that
word was when Daddy Warbucks says, "I love money, I love power and I
love capitalism." Until I just resaw it, I had forgotten how many times
I'd seen that movie growing up, and how ingrained in my memory it is! I
think I even had the lunchbox...)

Ought to go to sleep now. Goodnight!