Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back in the saddle

(sorry for the cowgirl reference - I have been home in Texas, after all, ya'll)

We're back! I apologize for my dismal blogging whilst we were abroad, but there was just so much to do, so many grocery stores to solicit, so many trips to Target to make... and so many people to see! We saw so many people, had so much fun, spent so much money (not necessarily ours - thanks, various grandparents!) - it was great. And old Blueberry Eyes was very cordial on the flights, thank God.

We're now in the throes of conquering jet lag. It's funny how I always was impressed by my own ability to handle international travel without any excessive fatigue. Well, nix that. I'm at the stage that if I close my eyes for a second, my little neurons yelp to my brain to fall asleep, and I keep having strange dreams inbetween sentences... (And you're saying, we don't care about you - tell us about the girl!) Princess Frequent Flyer Mile is doing well, B"H. We only woke her up once today (she slept from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM!) but otherwise she was doing well and quite ready to sleep when we put her to bed around 9 PM. Now it's almost midnight, and she's been up once to eat and once to be re-pacified, and hopefully she'll stay down a bit longer... We always knew she was perfect, ya know?

She is getting so BIG! This morning (at 4 AM) when she was crying, I noticed her cry has moved out of the adorable-miniature-newborn-cute cry, into the I-figured-out-how-to-use-my-lungs-so-move-it-and-feed-me cry. And her legs are getting so plump that the leg holes of one of her tushy covers were tight. Imagine. I have to make a doc's appointment, but I suspect that my little five month old butterbean will weigh in most beautifully.

Now we only took 223 pictures on this trip - oh, wait, that's just my camera. There are probably another hundred or so on the ZaydeCam. (We interrupt this blog for - surprise, surprise! - the awakening of Sarah Rochel. Feeding her wasn't enough this time; she's now in her stroller, toy in hand, watching me blog.) So which pictures to post? Decisions, decisions. So for tonight, here are some pictures of the girl and some auxillary relatives.

Oh, booger, now Blogger ain't loading my pictures. Sigh. So we'll stop there for this evening, because it's now 12:30 AM and I fear my daughter may require my direct attentions most soonish. Like now.


Anonymous said...

So nice to have you guys back! We missed you!!!! Luv, Bracha

Faye Berman said...

Glad you got home safe m'dear! Hope all is well in your little corner of the Holy Land. Talk to you soon (well probably not, but email at you soon!)