Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bushy tailed


This day and night thing is a little whacked. Once again, after getting up early (5ish AM) she went back to sleep at 8:30 AM, and besides eating once in the middle, we had to wake her up at 1:30 PM, or else she would have happily continued being unconscious. She had some smaller naps today, largely due to our outings in the car (more below) and she went to 'bed' at around 11. Now it's 1:20 AM, and she's been up several times already. Darn, there she goes again...

Okay, now it's 1:38 AM, and she's out of bed, on my lap. This blog is now gonna be shorter, since I'm typing with one hand! Anyway, Yoav and I are fairly zomboid with all this. I even slept most of that 8:30 AM-1:30 PM, and I'm still pooped!

Speaking of pooped, it's been 10 days since she has!!! Yikes! I'm about ready to try the dreaded Thermometer Technique, and if you don't know what that is, I ain't gonna tell ya.

Today we went with the great grandma Savta Raba to get some tests done at the hospital, thus bringing us to our number one entry in the Top Ten Places Never To Let A Baby Play, namely, the floor of the emergency room triage. Are we smart parents, or what?

Here's the girl with her abba at Port Jefferson, NY, and shots with each of her uncles, Uncle Boaz Druyan (upper pic) and Uncle Micah Rosenblatt (lower pic). Someone told us they thought she looks like Boaz - opinions?

Tomorrow we must do something about making shabbos. Wish us luck keeping our eyes open as we chop things!

addendum at 2:24 AM: She's playing on the floor (she's successfully scooted on her tummy off the play mat). All of a sudden, I feel a nibbling on my heel. My daughter is using my foot as a teether!! Wet, filthy - but very, very cute.


Faye Berman said...

Well dear I hope you were/are getting some sleep. Have a great Shabbos, and I hope Butterbean straightens out her sleep schedule soon. About the whole heel-teether thing, I dunno whether to say "awww" or "ick" I think I will stick with "awww"

bilha said...

Miriam, you're just too funny. I don't know if this will make you feel any better but....Tzali got constipated also from the travelling. All four of us were extremely jetlagged (we got back last Friday). Last night was the first night that we all slept through the night. Crazy stuff. The worst is when Miriam was sleeping and I was WIDE awake! Then you really know it's jetlag. They say that it's good to expose yourselves to sunlight during the day. It helps you get used to the concepts of day and night again. Good luck! We missed your blogging while you were gone.