Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's all too much

(This title, while an obvious Beatle allusion is somewhat misleading. In the song, the phrase means it's an overblessing of good things. While everything we're doing is good... wow, overwhelmed.)

We can't do it all - this is our conclusion. Our NY trips tend to be overfilled with trying to see lots of people. The last couple times we were here, we tried to streamline that process. I still think we didn't set our sights too high, except for... Tochterus Kvetchimus. She's really been wonderful, but she does have needs, and those needs include eating (gotta love changing rooms in stores! Today a lady stopped me on the way into a changing room with a "Miss, are you trying anything on?" I replied yes - the baby! "She fits, don't worry," said I, and when I exited I told the attendant that I'd take this one), sleeping, wanting to NOT be in this car seat for another second (!), and of course, pooping.

We went bowling today with Uncle Boaz, and as we were leaving the bowling alley I turned the girl to a horizontal position, took a sniff, and commented that boy, did she stink. And then I looked down. The poop had migrated up her back (correct, hitting her tushy cover, dress and onesie), and since I had been holding the little tuber, onto my shirt and the t-shirt beneath it as well. So, we change her on a snack table at the bowling place ("I have a birthday party coming in here in five minutes!!" Well, I couldn't find the changing table in the bathroom - it was hidden in the handicapped stall. Anyway...), change her into her reserve outfit, and I feverishly scrub at my stained shirt. Needless to say, it didn't fix it.

Luckily, Sears was there! Just next door, in fact. So wearing my eau du poop cologne I went and bought the same shirt I had been wearing (purchased at a different Sears the day prior) in a new color, changed clothes, and we were off, even if our shirt did clash with our hat. But at least I wasn't getting dirty looks anymore.

However, right around then was when it all became too much. We had planned to go to Lakewood today; didn't happen. Planned to see another friend of Yoav's; nope.

So now we've mapped out the rest of our stay in NY, and we've trimmed it into a more reasonable schedule, I hope. Next time we come I think we'll just get married again, or better yet, just have a shmorg somewhere, so everyone can come to us!


Bilha said...

Miriam dear, you're too much for me. You're hysterical. First of all, I see that you have come to appreciate the little things about our wonderful country (Israel that is). You can go into any Shilav store and nurse your baby in a special room for mothers. I remember nursing Tzali in like every bathroom in NY. Here's a bit of advice, usually in Babies 'R Us there is a special room for nursing mothers. They also have a changing table there. Try the one near my parents off of Old Country Rd. and Merrick Ave. It's great. Yeah, most places in the U.S. don't have bathrooms with changing stations. Sorry. It's a tough life. Also, my dad asked if we wanted to have a nice little party and invite everyone to our house to welcome us yata yata... I said NO! That is not my idea of fun-I like talking to each person individually and not being in a small room stuffed with too many people. He was surprised because he thought for sure it would be nice if I could see everyone all at once. So, maybe next time you come in my parents can throw you a party. Just kidding. But it is a good idea. By the way, did you see Stu yet? We're flying in tonight. Wish us luck.

Faye Berman said...

I can picture you with your head in your hands, shaking back and forth....... Well enjoy the rest of your streamlined trip.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miriam,
Hi! I'm glad you're enjoying your trip. My mom is sending a package to your parents in Houston with the poncho she made for S.R. I hope it gets to you in time before you leave. She said she is sending it express. Keep an eye out for it. Miss you guys tons.
Love, Nechy