Friday, August 04, 2006

Our new celebrity

Alternate title: The Girl Who Pooped. Other alternate title: She Who Must Not Be Burped.
(for all of you who don't recognize what the title of the post is alluding to, see the enhanced picture at the end of this post. Poor little tochter - we didn't do it, promise! She musta scratched herself.)

We made it!! B"H it really wasn't that bad at all (I mean, 9 Av STINKS and is horrible, but the fasting wasn't too bad). Butterbean is such a tzadekes, she musta known I needed her to be easy and sleepy today, because she was. Only once when she was nursing was she super fussy, like she wasn't getting enough to eat, so for that meal she got a bottle. Later in the day nursing was fine again. In the last hour or two I felt very weak, and so we gave her a bottle again so I could rest... and we made it!

Hope all ya'll in the US are boarding the eagle now...

We are gearing up for the big trip, finally doing all the laundry and getting our act together, or attempting to! The girl thoughtfully went to sleep about a half hour ago, so we can run around packing her wee little things with fewer distractions (she's only allowed to wear ugly clothes between now and motzei shabbos).

I am doing a bit of online scuttlebutt research now (only mild pun intended) to decide which diapers, etc, to buy in America. Ah, Target... I hear you calling me (and no, a blog extolling the virtues of the materiality of America immediately post-9 Av is not hypocritical. Nowhere do we learn that galus is supposed to be uncomfortable. America is tops when it comes to materialism - no contest. However, I don't think that should be why someone chooses a place to live. Which is why I'm so happy visiting America, stocking up on goodies... and coming back!).


Faye Berman said...

well that was long and not fun. Happy laundry! have a great Shabbos, and a safe flight. Please do not forget to call me from the states.

Nechama Gorf said...

that scar does look freakishly like harry's - are you sure u didnt do it on purpose? i love the titles!

Jennifer Bean said...

I must say that I agree, the scar does look very HPish! I love those books! Hello cousin! I cannot wait to see you guys! Brent is looking forward to the visit as well so he can meet you and Yoav... I could've sworn he had met you before, but he says he hasn't... oh well.

Much love!