Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rearing our pretty heads

We're in Houston. I know I grew up here, but I must say, I'd forgotten how flipping hot it gets!! Now, I'm not in the heat much - just between indoors and car, ya know - but for those few moments, whoo-hooey! It's kinda like how one of my roommates in the hospital snored so badly that I can never complain about Yoav's snoring ever again, so too RBS is looking pretty temperate right now..

The trip went well. They allowed the bottle of milk we had for the baby, no problem, and allowed the two medicinal type things as well, although they did SOMETHING to them (had a dog sniff them, maybe, I don't know). We forgot about the bottle of Purell we had in the diaper bag, though, and only discovered it when I pulled it out to use on the plane! I think the scanning people weren't suspicious of us, because we had already declared the liquids we had. Still, shame on them for not finding it.

It is WONDERFUL to be here with the folks, and we're all having a lovely time. Today we went to Sam's (spent money), this great mom & baby store (more money still!), and out to lunch. And we're not through yet! Yesterday the girlchild met her maternal-maternal great-grandparents and great-aunt for the first time, and she was totally perfectly behaved.

Hopefully tonight, tochter permitting, I'm going to upload some of the myriad pictures we have taken so far, and you can all get your Sarah Rochel fix. She does, day by day, grow even cuter, bli ayin hara. Maybe because babies aren't nearly as prevalent here as in Israel, but random strangers are stopping us all the time here to tell us how cute she is (someone remind me of this when she's a teenager, alright?).


brenderan said...

hope we get to see you all in houston while you are here.

Brenda Eran and Jonathan Namer

Faye Berman said...

hey you,
I once went to Houston in August for a really good friend's wedding. It was really flipping hot!!!!!!!!!!
waiting to hear from you if you get a chance.

Naomi said...

Glad to hear you're having a good time - don't forget to give my love to yo' mama and pa.

Jennifer Bean said...

Brent and I definitely want to visit with y'all! Give us a call and we'll try to get something together with the great aunt and great uncle too of course! My cell is 281-467-4936.

Faye Berman said...

Phenomenally nice to hear from you, even if it was in between quieting kvetchy children.....
Hope we get to speak again.

tamar said...

you one funny lady, you know that? just found accident....don't ask.
my one question is: WILL YOU BE BACK FOR AUDITIONS?!
and well, there is one other....YOU WROTE THIS ON MY B-DAY! WHERE'S MY SHOUT OUT, HUH????

love ya and miss ya,
tamar (a.k.a gittel's miriam...)