Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Strange stuff

Blogger is being weird, so this is another no-picture post. My

Remember I said Prunella's bedtime was getting earlier? Sure, that's why
she went to bed - under protest - at 1 AM tonight. Sigh.

I found the Fisher-Price thing I bought yesterday online, at a price of
$12.99. So the price I got it for was just, um, almost exactly double.
Let's here it for capitalism! Sigh.

Speaking of capitalism (if you don't know how I can make this segue, you
didn't grow up like me), I've been busy lately helping 'shlock' (that
is, adapt) the lyrics to the songs from 'Annie' for next year's Zir
Chemed play. I'm having a great time doing it! I haven't decided yet if
I'm going to try out to be in the play (because, you see, I'll be
working again, and the cute short person who moved into my house about 4
months ago takes up just a wee bit of my leisure time), so it's nice
that I get to be involved in some way! (Oh, and the segue is as follows:
I mentioned capitalism. Easily the first exposure that I had to that
word was when Daddy Warbucks says, "I love money, I love power and I
love capitalism." Until I just resaw it, I had forgotten how many times
I'd seen that movie growing up, and how ingrained in my memory it is! I
think I even had the lunchbox...)

Ought to go to sleep now. Goodnight!

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