Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wherefore art thou?

Well, we made it to NY! Prunella was totally WONDERFUL on the plane; she slept much of the time, and even when she was up she was happy as long as we were pacing around with her a bit. My elaborate psuedo-haircutting cape homemade nursing cover up thing (i.e. sheet with hole, not entirely unlike Charlie Brown's traditional Haloween costumes) was effective, and no one even laughed at it (in my hearing).

And then we got here - hurray! We've been reaping in the goodies. Yesterday we hit Target and today we hit Sears, oh and today we also went to Shoprite, where my shvigger kindly allowed us to purchase such practical food items such as Goober. Thanks oh generous Saba and Savta!

We've also been seeing friends, and just went this evening to wedding #1 of the four we'll IY"H hit while we're here - such fun!

Her Majesty acclimated to the time zone suspiciously well, bli ayin hara. Last night she went to sleep in the car around 9:30 PM, and didn't wake up until four AM - that's almost totally unheard of. Tonight she went to sleep about 10 PM, and when we got home at 11 we tried to transfer her from car seat to pack-and-play... and naturally she woke up. So I fed her and tried to put her back to sleep, and she did eventually go back, although she was quite fitful for about twenty minutes.

Alas, I won't be able to post any pictures until we're in Houston, which is in a week, but I invite you all to browse the archives for the old ones to get your fix.

Unrelated to the trip, the big news I got right before 9 Av was that my bosses, being wise and holy persons, are oh-so-generously allowing me to work part-time until Sarah Rochel is a year old! So I get to play more with the toch!! Yippeee!! God is so, SO good to us - he's the bomb!! My hours will be 8:30-1:30. Talk'n'Save - they're the best! Hmm, how can I pay them back? Oh yeah, this blog is all over Google, so...

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Ah, I love advertising, even free cheesy stuff.



Faye Berman said...

you are weird dear. Hope that all is well, Enjoy the rest of your stay and all of the weddings you will attend.

Milgraum said...

Hello Mommy Miriam!!!!
This is so exciting…the little Druyannet’s blog!!!! I must admit, I’m a first timer, but don’t worry I’m gonna catch up on all the archives to get up to speed!! I have one comment to make, the pictures although very cute they do not do her justice!! I don’t know maybe its cause the camera adds ten pounds, but she is so much cuter in the flesh!!!! Yes, for all of you reading this, don’t be jealous, but I did get to see the little one last night....no words...the only thing I can think of is....Baby Gerber step aside!!
It was really great seeing you guys, such a fun surprise! Enjoy galus and all the gashmius it has to offer!! E”h you guys should have a lot of nachas from the little princess or should I say Queen!!! –Milgraum
p.s. “She who must not be burped” along with picture is super!!!

Miriam the Mommy said...

You do realize that the camera adding ten pounds to my daughter would double her weight, you know?

It was so good to see you too!! We'll be in touch!!