Thursday, August 31, 2006

You know your baby is jet-lagged when...

When your going-to-bed toothbrushing is within three hours of your waking-up-in-the-morning toothbrushing.

Man, can I say krias shma shel mita when it's only a couple hours until shachris?

She's asleep. Then again, at 3 AM she also went to sleep for a deceptive five minutes. Hopefully this will last longer! For the last while I've been rotting both of our brains watching the clips on Sesame Street's baby program, and playing counting games with Elmo. Poor baby. I think I fried her little eyeballs.

addendum at 5:06 AM: You know, you KNOW that as soon as I posted that she woke up. Now she's down again, and I am here at the end of my tether, rope, rattle, Lincoln Log, popsicle stick, etc, etc.

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