Friday, September 29, 2006


I posted this to the Ramat Beit Shemesh email groups last night. Just sharing...

At the merkaz RBS, I occasionally overhear things.

Today, I overheard a gentleman expressing his frustration. I believe the situation was a mechanical automotive issue.

The gentleman was proclaiming, amongst other things, that "This country should be shot! This country is so tough, etc"

I am sure this gentleman was having a very difficult day, and I'm sure there is some context for his comment that means it was not as it sounded (for example, he meant Israel needs an MMR vaccination, and the ground is very firm for digging, or something similar).

Recently I overheard in one of our supermarkets various comments that back 'home' in the USA, they would NEVER have ___ (long lines, pidgeons overhead, chicken with feathers - fill in the blank).


Gentle reader, this is just an aseres yimai tshuva reminder that not only does the concept of lashon hara apply to eretz yisroel and am yisroel, but it's a really really big baddie of an issur. It is also painful for those who work hard to make this country a wonderful place to live.

Remember that big old fast day a couple months back? Yeah, that was for lashon hara about eretz yisroel too!

As we go to our final judging, let us try to be careful of how we react to set-backs and challenges in this wonderful land Hashem gave to our forefathers. Gmar chasima tova!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

New meaning to 'gmar tov'

This time of year we all wish each other 'gmar chasima tova' or 'gmar
tov,' which means we should be sealed well (in the book of life) and
basically, 'finished up' positively.

Well, I wish more people would wish that on my daughter! She didn't
'finish' too well tonight! Last night, she went ballistic around
bathtime, cried her way through a fast wash and massage, ate, and
collapsed in exhaustion into her crib. Tonight, she began the
I-need-to-sleep-NOW cry at bathtime. So we rushed her through, etc, etc,
fed her.. And she just wouldn't fall asleep! She was crying, even when
we held her. Fed her some more, rocked, sang, left her for a few
minutes, repeat...! Clearly something was bothering her, and it was so
difficult to not know what it was! We gave her teething gel, we gave her
tummy soothers... Nada! Finally I fed her in my room, as opposed to
hers, and she calmed down there. (It was really cute. I lay down on the
bed to feed her, and before she started eating she just looked around
for a few minutes, smiling and laughing. I'm trying to believe it was a
'I'm happy to be here with my mommy' laugh and smile, as opposed to a 'I
cried and cried and finally got out of my crib, which is what I wanted
all along, brouha ha ha ha!' laugh and smile.) We slowly moved back into
her room, put her in her crib - and to sleep she went.

1 hour, 13 minutes from the initial put down until she slept. Sigh.

Anyway, she's B"H doing great. I measured her today - she's 66
centimeters long! When did that happen? And the shirt she was wearing
today USED to have long sleeves (they're at her elbows now). Hmm - musta

I, on the other hand, seem to have an eye infection, which is just ew.
Got the drops for it, waiting for it to kick in.

Blogger ain't loading right, so no pictures for now (good thing too,
since they were so yum I was having trouble picking one). Goodnight!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Upsitting citizen

We are sooooo close to really sitting up, like without tumbling over like a cute sippy cup! The grass was very supportive, to say nothing of being a cushy landing when gravity gets to be too much for us. This is us playing with Yisroel (originally mentioned here) - aren't we cute?

She's asleep, and I've been so tired lately it's getting unsafe for me to drive, so I need to go to sleep too. B"H the girl is finally MUCH better; no upchucking at all today AND she ate a lot at the metapelet again (sigh...) so she must be back to normal. Goodnight!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Look, Ma! No cavities!

I went to the dentist today. Despite doomsaying by fellow veterans of pregnancies, the gestation of Her Highness did not result in any cavities - hurrah! However, the dentist did say my gums apparently bore the brunt of the pregnancy. Ouch. So we had a most thorough cleaning, and if you look carefully at this little family photo, you can see my little inflamed gumline (but no plaque!).

The girl went to the metapelet today, did wonderfully there... and threw up when we got home. But she is recovering. She ate more normally today (hurrah again!) and even went to sleep like a normal baby, which is to say, it took us an hour to knock her out! But out she is, and out I must be... goodnight!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Tales from the sick

Where to start?

Okay, first, thanks to Yoav for posting the previous post since I was most assuredly otherwise occupied. (Come to think of it, I was napping at Yoav's

Truly, a shana tova to you all! Here's the rundown on what we've been up to:

Friday, we cooked and cooked. The girl was fine, still eating only about half of what she's used to, but she was in good spirits. As you can see from the pictures, we resorted to un-authorized use of the Baby Bjorn to keep her happy whilst I did stuff in the kitchen - she didn't seem to mind!

Friday night we had a lovely meal, uninterrupted by Yoav going off to deliver babies or anything Hatzola-oid (unlike last year, where he left twice before getting to his soup). The pic is of the two of us getting ready for yuntiv.

Shabbos/yuntiv morning, I actually got to shul. I davened shachris outside the shul while the girl sat quietly in her stroller, and then a kind neighbor watched her for me while I ran in and davened musaf with the congregation. And then we left.

Then we had another meal that couldn't be beat (anyone get that besides my Tattie?) and the girl was a little subdued... more subdued... more sub- SPLASH! Okay, she's throwing up again, poor dear.

And again. And she won't eat!! Argh! Visions of dehydration, etc, etc. I'm comforted that we're near a clinic where they have doctors all night... until Yoav tells me for a dehydrated baby, they won't do IVs here, but would send us to J-lem. Oh. And did you know they sometimes put baby IV lines in veins in the head!? Come on, girl, eat!

Sigh. Okay, change clothes a few more times. We go off to the Nechama Rosenbergs for dinner Saturday night, bringing half her wardrobe with us - and she's fine. She also then had her second poop in so many days, which I know you were all wondering about. I will refrain from too many details, but suffice to say, she's showing signs of less than perfect hydration.

Sunday, she and I get to shul and hear our 30 blasts (she was angelic, of course). Then we come home. Eat more (well, we ate more - she hardly did). And then she throws up no fewer than four times (was it five?) with attendant costume changes for one or both of us. Poor dear.

Again, she seems fine between times, doesn't even cry when she's tossing her milk and cookies, and she looks totally healthy. No fever, no inflamation - thank God! She's just eating little and throwing up occasionally. Oh, and sleeping a lot more too.

So, since today was a fast and Yoav was off of most of his jobs anyway, he stayed home with her and I went to work. She ate some, not a lot, blah blah, and didn't throw up until this afternoon when I was with her, and then only once, thank God.

So heck, I don't know what to do. We went to the doc last week, maybe we'll go again tomorrow. Seems to just be a tummy bug, you know? However, I welcome all ideas.

Happy birthday to Yoav, by the way! And to my daughter too, who became 6 months old last week. Hello, wasn't she just born? Look at her, sitting up by the window! (okay, so she fell over a moment later, but still...)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Shana Tova!!

A Happy, Healthy and sweetest-year-ever to all of klal yisrael - and especially you !

- love,

Yoav, Miriam and Sarah Rochel Druyan

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Busy cooking!

Just a quick note, today she seems healthy, B"H - definitely more subdued, and not eating nearly as much, nursing or from bottles. But thank God she's kept everything she ate down, and keeps producing wet diapers, if not as rapidly as usual. She slept a lot yesterday and today too. Would that I had...

One of our guests came tonight to help cook - thanks (her name is Sarah Leah - obviously the source of the close connection)! She's gone now, and I just need to put the cooling food in the fridge and go to bed! Enjoy the pics. Most are from yesterday - she don't look sick, do she? Thank God!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I have loads of yummy shots to share with you, but alas, Blogger isn't
letting pictures at the moment. But anyway, here's the scoop.

The problem with sending a child to a day care provider of any kind is
that you miss out on important milestones. Today was a big 'first' for
the girl, albeit one we coulda lived without: her first being sick!!
Poor thing!

It was like this... The room at work that I pump in was in use (harumph,
I say!). So I called the metapelet, found out the girl hadn't had her
late morning bottle yet, so I just drove over there to feed her. One
problem: she wouldn't eat. She kinda kept staring at me as if to say,
"huh? What am I supposed to do here?" I thought she seemed a little
drugged, actually, but whatever, I went back to work! They called me
about 45 minutes later to say she was hungry, so I directed them to give
her the bottle (my pump room was free then).

When I call again to check on her, I hear that she did NOT want to eat,
and in fact, threw up all over one of the caregivers and a little 2 year
old girl! (The girl had been sitting holding the baby in her arms (with
supervision, of course) when Sarah Rochel yuked. She then turned to the
metapelet and said, "What happened to me?" Adorable! That little girl
got a full costume change and a shower, actually. But I digress...)

Finally they gave her the bottle, in little pieces to help it stay down.
She wasn't crying, didn't seem to be unhappy - but she also was just
laying there, not playing, which is quite out of character for her
sweetness. When I picked her up she was asleep. She slept a good two
hours or more. When she awoke, she was not hungry, but agreed to eat.
She ate about half a feeding, and then we went and sat on the couch. The
fact that she was content just to sit on me shoulda warned me... Indeed,
she then threw up all over me and the couch (slipcovers!) and of course
herself. This was NOT spitup, gentle readers, but the real vomitous
article. (Well, if I missed the 'first,' at least I got the 'second'!)

And after that - she was perfectly happy again. Been fine ever since,
bli ayin hara!

Yoav pointed out that since her little GI system is so small, a 24 hour
bug probably passes through her in about 3. Oh.

She went right to sleep on time, bless her, giving me the chance to make
a menu and shopping list (and dispatch Yoav with the same), and so far
I've cleaned up the kitchen (um, mostly) and I have challah in the oven!
Not too shabby. Of course, today on the road I was biting my tongue to
stay awake. Perhaps I should look into getting more sleep, no?

Everyone should just be healthy, okay?!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tshuva in the air

Gotta run to bed. All is well here, B"H. Her Highness and I went to the Talk'n'Save company BBQ this afternoon, where I did my best to keep her upwind from the smoke so she wouldn't smell like charred tochter. Actually, I barely held her the whole time - she was a little popular.

We have not yet needed to supplement her at the metapelet, which is great. Some days when I get her she's hungry, and some days not. She seems to be equilibriating, and I seem to be making enough for her (except of course for tonight, when I got like pooky. It's because I'm too tired.). The metapelet said that the girl went
forward today - previously her floor wigglings only propelled her backwards. We haven't seen it yet, but still - pretty neat!

Enjoy the picture. We took a few this morning after Yoav blew shofar for his two ladies. He was holding her at the time, and she seemed to want to give it a try. Yoav reminded me that hey, she is chewing on the long-dead discarded body part of a kosher animal, at least. So true!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Singing the 'Unpredictable' song again

She's such a smoonch, we don't really care that she changes her mind on a daily basis. And despite averaging 5-6 hours of sleep a night lately, I am still functional, so who can complain?

That said, it's 8:45 PM now, and if I'm not in bed in an hour, then I'll know why! (Well, duh. Who else would know why, if not me?)

The metapelet keeps telling me how smart and great and "into everything" my daughter is (bli ayin hara). I actually asked Yoav if it scares him how totally wonderful the tochter is. He said - no. Oh.

Every day she can do a little more, makes a new noise, adds a modicum of pudge to her burgeoning pulkas, and in general just gets better and better. Sigh. I wish all you loyal readers of the blog were here with me... and not just because maybe you could be the one waking up at 5:30 AM with her.

She went to sleep early tonight, though, at 7:15 PM! I was getting her bath stuff together, and she went from perky to pooped in moments flat. So rather than allow her a nap... I rushed her into pajamas (no bath - just wiped her down), fed her, sang to her, and plopped her in the crib. Out like a light! Around a half hour later (her naps are usually a half hour long), she starts stirring and kvetching, but still has her eyes closed. It was as if her body was saying that it would wake up, since it ain't bedtime yet... but Mommy, I'm soooo tired!! So she tossed and turned a bit. I replugged her, made soothing noises... and B"H, she's still out. Holding a good thought!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Learning curve

No, we don't got it yet. She drank two bottles in quick succession this
morning, then took a 3 hour nap (!). On my end of things, I have WAY too
little food for her tomorrow. But it's 11:46 PM, she just woke up for a
quick 7 minute snack, and now we both need to be asleep. Pics, etc,
tomorrow, please God.

Liked this

Thursday, September 14, 2006


The upshot of all this is Tochter is really, really happy to see me when I pick her up. After all, having children is all about ego fulfillment, right? Right?

Of course, today when we picked her up (Yoav teaches in J-town Thursday morns), she was fast asleep in a playpen there. She slept from 1-3:15 PM (!), after having been up since I dropped her off! So, no more nap until bedtime, and B"H she went down at 8 with no problem.

One could get used to the reliability of having a schedule. However, I suspect that one could not enjoy having to wake up at 6 AM on the weekends, which is what I expect will happen for the next two days (sigh). What can you do?

Rosh Hashana is coming and I am in even worse denial than usual. My usual denial is because work, housekeeping (um, what there is of it), etc, all keep me from "feeling" the holiday is coming. It's the I-have-to-cook-I-can't-focus-on-my-soul issue. Well, the I-have-to-be-with-the-kid-I-can't-focus-on-cooking-soul-what-soul? issue is even worse! I don't even know if I'm going to get to shul on the high holies. Time (and Sarah Rochel) will tell...

The princess is so ready to crawl. Lately she lays on her tummy a lot, just swimming in the air, flailing arms and legs waiting for a wave to move her ahead. Adorable, but a wee bit frustrating for her. That's one of the things I like the most about her day care situation, that she is with other children of various ages, and thusly will see them crawl, and, at a undoubtedly advanced pace (corresponding to her precocious charm and good looks), will follow along accordingly, we hope! (Sorry, I was just sticking commas and phrases into that sentence because I could. Long day.)

Caption for this picture? "Mom, I know you love everything at Ikea, but can I have a normal potty to learn on, please???"

Good shabbos to all, if I don't get to you again tomorrow. There is a concept of, the last shabbos before Rosh Hashana (darn, there she goes with the commas again), being ready for shabbos a full couple of hours early, in order to make up (as it were) for all those shabbosim where you rushed in in the nick of sunset. Not to light candles early, but just to be ready and to start the day in tranquility. Well... it's something to aspire to!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Today she ate only about 200 ml at the metapelet (which wasted the extra 20 I had sent; it was sour by the time we got home, alas). Seems she eats less every day there, which makes perfect sense if you attribute some of her hunger to needing comfort (and I do).

We're getting the hang of this stuff, I tell ya!

Anyway, I need to retire. Here's the girl playing in one of the new storage boxes we got for her toys at Ikea. As always, kids like the box more than the toy (it has wheels too - useful for taking her with me around the house).

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The whole story

Okay, we're all in a better mood now, so I'm up to retyping our whole ordeal, I mean, experience.

Yesterday: I dropped off the kid with the metapelet, all fed and with a 70 ml bottle of me, just as a backup. I come back two hours later to a crying baby who finished her bottle, wouldn't drink any water, and wanted to nurse. Hmmm. So I got all bebumbled that she would either starve or need formula (evil formula!) or would need rice cereal in her bottle (apparently that's an Israeli convention), and in all ways I'm a failure as a parent, and she'll probably need therapy or nose piercings as a result of the trauma.

I vented to several friends who all assured me CPS doesn't come for feeding a baby one bottle of formula a day. Well... maybe.

Today: Wake-up was set for 6 AM, but I got up a trifle earlier. We had to wake up Yoav to help us get out on time, since I hadn't adequately prepared the night before (something I'm trying to remedy tonight by doing things like blogging whilst Yoav gives the girl her bath - but then, Yoav was out teaching last night. Anyway...). We were in the car by 7:15, and got to the metapelet as scheduled at 8 AM. What with feeding her there and shmoozing a bit, I got to work at 8:38 AM - not too shabby.

I refrained from calling all day to check on the girl (okay, I made a friend do it once), and picked her up at 1:38 PM. She was... fine. She finished the 100 ml bottle I gave her, and defrosted about another 100 ml which she ate most of. She napped a bit, and even pooped, thus demonstrating that she was comfortable. It got all over her clothes too...

The metapelet thinks she needs 140 ml bottles, that that would be perfect. While I was at work, I produced 130 ml - not bad at all! Except she wants two 140 ml bottles...

So I will pump at work, and will pump at home, and whatever more she needs will be formula, I think. There's no point in me feeling bad about it, because if I can't make more, I can't make more. Or I could take drugs... Decisions, decisions.

Oh, and work was, um, fine. My desk got moved (so much for having a window!) and my job description is changing, but we don't yet have the new software that I'll be working on so right now I am Skilled Laborer For Hire, and no fewer than four people were trying to give me 'projects' to work on. Work is fine, but I readily admit I had forgotten how mundane it is.

On the way in, I sang to the girl, "We work hard for the money..."

Presented for your approval, two pictures of my daughter in the hat she wore in the hospital when she was born. When did she turn into a person?! (With boogies in her nose, no less.) Oh, and one more picture of her in her usual spot (i.e. off the blankets on the tile), just cause it's so yum.


It's 6 AM - I'm supposed to wake her up now? It's not even daylight!!
Wait, never mind - she just woke up. And so this day begins...

Monday, September 11, 2006


I typed a whole blog and Blogger ate it and won't spit it out - argh!! Will blog tomorrow. Suffice to say the dry run (aka wet run) went poorly, my daughter will have no food, doom doom doom, formula formula, took an hour to put her to bed, must sleep.


I just played the most hysterical game of hide-and-go-seek with my
daughter. You might call it "Inverse Peekaboo." I was tiptoeing up to
her crib to check and see if she was just quiet or asleep, when all of a
sudden she raises her head (she had been tummy down). I immediately drop
to my knees next to the crib, lest she see me. I then hold my breath as
I listen to hers on the other side of the crib bumper. I am watching her
through a tiny crack in the bedding. She gets quieter, breathing
regulates, I inch upwards - and boom, she jerks again, and I'm back on
the floor!

It was really quite fun, and I'd enjoy it even more if it weren't

She's now curled up against the bumper in the crib, poster child for the
'why you shouldn't have bumpers in cribs' people, no doubt. I'll just go
inch her away from the side - goodnight!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Work is creeping up on me. Tomorrow is our dry run, as it were, when we'll get up at 6 AM (!) and drive into J-town. I'll drop her at the metapelet for an hour or so, I think, just to introduce her to the idea. Then we'll pop back in the car and run errands or whatever or just go home.

Still worried about the food supply. And turns out my backup canister of formula has been open more than the proscribed 20 days (it's been about 20 weeks), and so I even have to buy a new one (she's 5.5 months old; do I buy the 0-6 month, or 6-12 month one?).

She was much more familiar today, in that she had longer stretches between meals and went to sleep easier. Of course, as I type, she's crying in her bed. She's not hungry crying at all, more like, "Okay, I wanna get out of here, or come entertain me - please!" I tried to feed her - she wasn't interested. We gave her a water bottle, which she enjoys from more of a toy perspective than nutritionally... and we left her there. It's the middle of the night, she has toys in there with her, she's not suffering, just not getting what she wants.

She's not crying, actually, just muttering with the occasional loud complaint. Sigh. Maybe I can go in there and read to her from my old textbooks...

About 45 minutes after she went to bed tonight she did wake up with a scream. I went in, started feeding her, and noticed a big old multiple scratch on her cheek, ala Edward Scissorhands. Ouch. Her nails are short, because I've been clipping them, but the clipper makes them sharper than biting them did. Poor baby.

Wish us luck tomorrow! Oh, and tonight too.

Worse then better

Shabbos was... well, I dunno. She went to sleep last night at 8:30, only to awaken 45 minutes later. She didn't go back to sleep until 11:30, when we - shudder! - let her cry herself to sleep. Well, she wasn't calming down with eating, with a pacifier, with rocking... It was a little out of control. Yes, all that crying left us in worse shape than it left her. Then she slept for two hours, ate, 1.5 hours, ate, 1 hour, ate, 1 hour, ate... whatever!

Today I ran to my friend's house and asked if she was sure this was my baby, because MY baby doesn't act like this!

But now it's 12:40 AM on motzei shabbos. She slept from 9 PM to midnight, got up and ate, and is asleep still. So maybe there's hope that my baby is coming back, and this freaky zombie can't-play-on-my-own-can't-sleep-unless-I-eat-must-eat-every-hour-and-a-half baby is going back where she came from (she was pretty cute inbetween the crying, though).

Most opinions (friends and books) say she's either growing (developmentally or physically), or teething, the latter of which can apparently cause almost any type of problem, up to and including wrecking the car when the kid is 16.

We had fun at Ikea though! Enjoy the lovely shot of her in Ikea's mondo mom-friendly nursing room! I knew I loved that store...

We had seminary girls for shabbos. Yup, we're back in the proverbial saddle, as it were. And this week, I go back to work! A friend suggested maybe el babe-o is so kvetchy because she 'senses' something's about to change. I'd be impressed if she did; I'm personally in total and complete denial.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Sorry, all the chipper, upbeat stuff I was gonna write about today (how she's now 62.5 centimeters tall, how she got her vaccine today like a pro, how she slept badly last night but we have hopes for tomorrow, how we had a great time in the backyard today, etc) just got null-and-voidified. Her sleeping has been mondo fitful in the last few days. Just now, I was busy, actively addressing my increasing panic about having enough milk stored for her when I go back to work next week, when she woke up (only 1 hour since she woke up the last time). So I detach from the machine and go in to feed her back to sleep. But because of my activities, she has to work a little harder to get the milk out, and so instead (she's fully awake now) she just arches and cries and in short, prolongs her own misery.

This is when I went from "happy little mother" to "stressed out, not coping woman" with a speed that a Porche could envy.

I pop her back into the crib (she's wailing), tell Yoav I'm having a not-coping moment, and go to make the freshly pumped milk into a bottle for Little Miss Thang.

Why did I flip so quickly?

Analyzing... analyzing...

(as I type this, Yoav is feeding her the bottle and singing Shema to her, rocking her in the recliner)

I think I got resentful that she interrupted me in the middle of doing something for her - her! What nerve! What chutzpa!

Okay, fine, she's 5 months old. Teenagers (my past self included) are often less considerate than my daughter. But it's late in the day, I'm very frustrated that she's been sleeping so unsteadily, and I resent her drinking this milk now because I want to freeze it for her. That's normal and healthy, right?

It would appear I'm a little concerned about returning to work next week.

Enjoy this picture of her from the other day, showing off her new highchair.

I will now eat chocolate.

Thatta girl

I won't keep you in suspense - she pooped again today, bless her, and we're just so proud!

Today was meant to be my don't-wake-her-up-but-see-how-her-sleep-schedule-is-when-left-to-her-own-devices day. Okay, yeah, way too hubrisdik a move! She slept until 10 AMish (getting up plenty of times in the night to eat, of course... as an aside, apparently reverting to eating many times during the night is common around this age and will - please God! - pass soon). Then, a nap at about 2 PM, right on schedule... but then her 5-6 PM nap turned into a 6:30-8 PM nap, and as you all know, 8 is bedtime! So we bathed her and put her to bed at about 9:45 PM. Ha ha, said she, and proceeded to play (mostly contentedly) in her crib for the next 70 minutes (!) before she fell asleep!

Oh well. I was obviously getting too proud of her stats.

Hopefully she'll stay down now for a while. Tomorrow it's off to the clinic for another vaccination. In the mean time, I'm trying to get ready for shabbos early, since if I'm done by Thursday night, Friday we get to take our long-anticipated pilgrimage to (insert heavenly chorus) Ikea! Goodnight all!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Attack of the killer cutie

Wow, I have so many pictures from today, I'm just going to load 'em all up! But just to brief you on our day...

1) we went to the doctor, who was very happy with the girl's weight (now 6.17 kilo, firmly climbing that 25% curve). Of course, the weight may have been augmented by the 2 and a half weeks worth of poop just sitting in the girl's bowels, although the doc said her gut didn't feel like it was overpacked. But anyway...

2) We had a lovely time playing outside, as shown in the pictures. Note the really cool shot I got of a praying mantis on our wall! (Yup, this is a REALLY religious neighborhood!) While I was cooking she perched in the laundry hamper - is it me, or did her face get really mature all of a sudden?

3) Princess Poop finally let it all out in the bathtub this evening - hurray! 16 days - it's a new record!

4) I got the part of Chicken in 'Annie'!! No, not Rooster, rather Rooster's sidekick, Chicken, in place of the Lily role. Hurray! Now if I could just get paid for this...

Monday, September 04, 2006


(the title is meant to be preee-SENT, all militaroid. Whatever, some things don't communicate as well in writing. And then, I'm sleep deprived. Anywho...)

Toch slept really late today, so much so that at 10 AM I woke her up. Thus began a day of some kvetchiness, fragility and general ugh. She had trouble falling asleep for naps or for the night, trouble eating, and so on. Regardless, she was asleep by 8:30 tonight, and now - at midnight - she's gotten up once to eat, but is otherwise sleeping soundly, may it only continue, amen!

I ran off to my 'Annie' audition tonight. Alas, the competition is VERY tough. Also, I, like my friend, have a lot less trouble singing in front of 600 people than singing in front of three. But I managed decently, and except for a man walking in while I was mid high note and expansive gesture, I did alright. Going to a call back tomorrow night, but have already been warned I probably ain't getting the part I want. Man, and I bribed the director and producer with homemade milkshakes too. What do I got to do here, people!?

We didn't have a babysitter, in the end - all the ones I called were busy! - so Yoav just hustled home from his meeting and I went a few minutes late. So that milestone will have to come later.

Enjoy this picture from today out in the yard. Note the bouganvilla that is very much undead (thanks Myron and Sandy!), and note the tochter sitting up by herself! Okay, she can't do so with any firm consistency yet (several pictures later she toppled over on her face - good thing it was grass... except she hit my shoe), but she is totally on the way!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

My turn

Last night, she did it! She slept from about 10 PM until about 8 AM! Okay, fine, she woke up almost every two hours to eat BUT she didn't like REALLY wake up, meaning after she ate she went back to sleep. So, in essence, it seems this day-and-night issue has been resolved.

So why am I exhausted? I even got a nap today, from like 11:30-1 PM, and now it's 9 PM - she's been asleep for an hour, bli ayin hara - and I am falling over my toenails tired!

Anyway, here's yet another couple of pictures from our US trip. Do enjoy them.

Tomorrow night is my audition for this year's play - we're doing "Annie." I will endevour to break a toe, saving the leg for the actual performances. But more impressively, I do believe we'll be leaving the girl with a babysitter for the first time whilst I'm there, since Yoav has to be at some school function. How on earth am I going to research some teenaged girl's life history between now and then?

Lastly, thanks to an article on ESPN's website sent by an alert friend (ironic sidenote - I'm so tired it took me three tries to type 'alert' properly), Yoav has something to fall back on if this whole teaching thing doesn't pan out. Behold: baseball in Israel.

Oh yeah - no poop yet. It's a record! But she doesn't seem uncomfortable from it at all, B"H!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Good frenzy!

Just a quick good shabbos. The girl was up from 2-4 AM, but then slept
till 11 (as did I - insert blissful sigh here) and now, an hour before
shabbos, she's asleep again, which gives us time to run around like
banshees, finishing up the shabbos prep.

Special thanks to Faye, whose orange-honey chicken recipe I got at my
wedding shower in NY (my shower in Houston was supposed to come with
recipes too, but they all perished in a harddrive crash, apparently).
I've actually never made it before, but just did now because I needed
some way to dress up the shnitzel I bought for us for Friday night
dinner since, that's right, the grocery store ran out of regular

Good shabbos ya'll.

Cruel and heartless

It's not easy being the bad guys and waking up the little pumpernickle, even when it's for her own good, ya know?

She slept from 5 AM till noon (woke up once to eat), at which point we woke her up. Fortunately, she was all sunshine and roses. Two hours later, she went down for a nap, which we curtailed after an hour. Around 6 PM, she fell asleep but then woke herself up 45 minutes later. And at 10:30 PM we finally let her sleep, after she'd been begging for it for almost an hour.

It's 12:46 AM now, and BLI AYIN HARA she's still sound asleep. I'm still up because I was making food for shabbos and also, I'm going back to work soon (sigh) so I have to start stockpiling extra food for her for while she's at the metapelet. This keeps me up past her bedtime every night.

She's getting so big. Remember the pajamas from here? Yeah, so she's all but grown out of them already. Oh, and as you see in the picture above, this morning (okay, this noon) when I went to wake her up I found her sleeping on her tummy! This is a first, and one I'm excited about, because urban mother legend says babies who sleep on their tummies sleep sounder, so mayhaps this is the dawning of Sleeping Through the Night. She's been very roly-poly in the last couple days, so much so that when she woke up to eat around 9 AM, she was on her tummy, propped up on her hands, head in the air, but her eyes were still closed - she was half-asleep! So I'm glad she finally figured out how to turn over onto her tummy. (A very full little tummy, cause she STILL hasn't pooped, despite the thermometer!)

It's been a while since we had a bathtub shot. This one is from her ducky bathtub in Houston. Note the cool droplets in midair. Enjoy!