Sunday, September 10, 2006


Work is creeping up on me. Tomorrow is our dry run, as it were, when we'll get up at 6 AM (!) and drive into J-town. I'll drop her at the metapelet for an hour or so, I think, just to introduce her to the idea. Then we'll pop back in the car and run errands or whatever or just go home.

Still worried about the food supply. And turns out my backup canister of formula has been open more than the proscribed 20 days (it's been about 20 weeks), and so I even have to buy a new one (she's 5.5 months old; do I buy the 0-6 month, or 6-12 month one?).

She was much more familiar today, in that she had longer stretches between meals and went to sleep easier. Of course, as I type, she's crying in her bed. She's not hungry crying at all, more like, "Okay, I wanna get out of here, or come entertain me - please!" I tried to feed her - she wasn't interested. We gave her a water bottle, which she enjoys from more of a toy perspective than nutritionally... and we left her there. It's the middle of the night, she has toys in there with her, she's not suffering, just not getting what she wants.

She's not crying, actually, just muttering with the occasional loud complaint. Sigh. Maybe I can go in there and read to her from my old textbooks...

About 45 minutes after she went to bed tonight she did wake up with a scream. I went in, started feeding her, and noticed a big old multiple scratch on her cheek, ala Edward Scissorhands. Ouch. Her nails are short, because I've been clipping them, but the clipper makes them sharper than biting them did. Poor baby.

Wish us luck tomorrow! Oh, and tonight too.

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