Friday, September 01, 2006

Cruel and heartless

It's not easy being the bad guys and waking up the little pumpernickle, even when it's for her own good, ya know?

She slept from 5 AM till noon (woke up once to eat), at which point we woke her up. Fortunately, she was all sunshine and roses. Two hours later, she went down for a nap, which we curtailed after an hour. Around 6 PM, she fell asleep but then woke herself up 45 minutes later. And at 10:30 PM we finally let her sleep, after she'd been begging for it for almost an hour.

It's 12:46 AM now, and BLI AYIN HARA she's still sound asleep. I'm still up because I was making food for shabbos and also, I'm going back to work soon (sigh) so I have to start stockpiling extra food for her for while she's at the metapelet. This keeps me up past her bedtime every night.

She's getting so big. Remember the pajamas from here? Yeah, so she's all but grown out of them already. Oh, and as you see in the picture above, this morning (okay, this noon) when I went to wake her up I found her sleeping on her tummy! This is a first, and one I'm excited about, because urban mother legend says babies who sleep on their tummies sleep sounder, so mayhaps this is the dawning of Sleeping Through the Night. She's been very roly-poly in the last couple days, so much so that when she woke up to eat around 9 AM, she was on her tummy, propped up on her hands, head in the air, but her eyes were still closed - she was half-asleep! So I'm glad she finally figured out how to turn over onto her tummy. (A very full little tummy, cause she STILL hasn't pooped, despite the thermometer!)

It's been a while since we had a bathtub shot. This one is from her ducky bathtub in Houston. Note the cool droplets in midair. Enjoy!

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