Friday, September 01, 2006

Good frenzy!

Just a quick good shabbos. The girl was up from 2-4 AM, but then slept
till 11 (as did I - insert blissful sigh here) and now, an hour before
shabbos, she's asleep again, which gives us time to run around like
banshees, finishing up the shabbos prep.

Special thanks to Faye, whose orange-honey chicken recipe I got at my
wedding shower in NY (my shower in Houston was supposed to come with
recipes too, but they all perished in a harddrive crash, apparently).
I've actually never made it before, but just did now because I needed
some way to dress up the shnitzel I bought for us for Friday night
dinner since, that's right, the grocery store ran out of regular

Good shabbos ya'll.


Faye Berman said...

I hope it turned out well. It works with bone chicken too, just so you know. I remember that shower, it was fun. Anyway, hope that you all are getting your sleep schedules back to normal and that Shabbos was great!

Miriam the Mommy said...

It did work well, actually - maybe I should make it more than once in seven years!

Shabbos was fun - remember Atara Schnipper? She and her husband and kids just came here for a year, and they're living next door! So they ate with us.

Your turn!!