Sunday, September 03, 2006

My turn

Last night, she did it! She slept from about 10 PM until about 8 AM! Okay, fine, she woke up almost every two hours to eat BUT she didn't like REALLY wake up, meaning after she ate she went back to sleep. So, in essence, it seems this day-and-night issue has been resolved.

So why am I exhausted? I even got a nap today, from like 11:30-1 PM, and now it's 9 PM - she's been asleep for an hour, bli ayin hara - and I am falling over my toenails tired!

Anyway, here's yet another couple of pictures from our US trip. Do enjoy them.

Tomorrow night is my audition for this year's play - we're doing "Annie." I will endevour to break a toe, saving the leg for the actual performances. But more impressively, I do believe we'll be leaving the girl with a babysitter for the first time whilst I'm there, since Yoav has to be at some school function. How on earth am I going to research some teenaged girl's life history between now and then?

Lastly, thanks to an article on ESPN's website sent by an alert friend (ironic sidenote - I'm so tired it took me three tries to type 'alert' properly), Yoav has something to fall back on if this whole teaching thing doesn't pan out. Behold: baseball in Israel.

Oh yeah - no poop yet. It's a record! But she doesn't seem uncomfortable from it at all, B"H!


Faye Berman said...

O, as you knew I would, I was excited to read about baseball in Israel. Very cool. Glad the butterbean seems to have sorted out day and night. Good luck with play tryouts. Tell Tamar I said hi if she remembers me.

bilha said...

Barry also sent me that article about baseball and I even told my class about it today. They really liked the idea of a baseball team in Israel (and so do I). Cute pics by the way.

Jennifer said...

Hey, that's really cool about the baseball team. Opening day is going to be on my 25th birthday... how cool is that? Good luck with tryouts!