Thursday, September 28, 2006

New meaning to 'gmar tov'

This time of year we all wish each other 'gmar chasima tova' or 'gmar
tov,' which means we should be sealed well (in the book of life) and
basically, 'finished up' positively.

Well, I wish more people would wish that on my daughter! She didn't
'finish' too well tonight! Last night, she went ballistic around
bathtime, cried her way through a fast wash and massage, ate, and
collapsed in exhaustion into her crib. Tonight, she began the
I-need-to-sleep-NOW cry at bathtime. So we rushed her through, etc, etc,
fed her.. And she just wouldn't fall asleep! She was crying, even when
we held her. Fed her some more, rocked, sang, left her for a few
minutes, repeat...! Clearly something was bothering her, and it was so
difficult to not know what it was! We gave her teething gel, we gave her
tummy soothers... Nada! Finally I fed her in my room, as opposed to
hers, and she calmed down there. (It was really cute. I lay down on the
bed to feed her, and before she started eating she just looked around
for a few minutes, smiling and laughing. I'm trying to believe it was a
'I'm happy to be here with my mommy' laugh and smile, as opposed to a 'I
cried and cried and finally got out of my crib, which is what I wanted
all along, brouha ha ha ha!' laugh and smile.) We slowly moved back into
her room, put her in her crib - and to sleep she went.

1 hour, 13 minutes from the initial put down until she slept. Sigh.

Anyway, she's B"H doing great. I measured her today - she's 66
centimeters long! When did that happen? And the shirt she was wearing
today USED to have long sleeves (they're at her elbows now). Hmm - musta

I, on the other hand, seem to have an eye infection, which is just ew.
Got the drops for it, waiting for it to kick in.

Blogger ain't loading right, so no pictures for now (good thing too,
since they were so yum I was having trouble picking one). Goodnight!

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