Monday, September 04, 2006


(the title is meant to be preee-SENT, all militaroid. Whatever, some things don't communicate as well in writing. And then, I'm sleep deprived. Anywho...)

Toch slept really late today, so much so that at 10 AM I woke her up. Thus began a day of some kvetchiness, fragility and general ugh. She had trouble falling asleep for naps or for the night, trouble eating, and so on. Regardless, she was asleep by 8:30 tonight, and now - at midnight - she's gotten up once to eat, but is otherwise sleeping soundly, may it only continue, amen!

I ran off to my 'Annie' audition tonight. Alas, the competition is VERY tough. Also, I, like my friend, have a lot less trouble singing in front of 600 people than singing in front of three. But I managed decently, and except for a man walking in while I was mid high note and expansive gesture, I did alright. Going to a call back tomorrow night, but have already been warned I probably ain't getting the part I want. Man, and I bribed the director and producer with homemade milkshakes too. What do I got to do here, people!?

We didn't have a babysitter, in the end - all the ones I called were busy! - so Yoav just hustled home from his meeting and I went a few minutes late. So that milestone will have to come later.

Enjoy this picture from today out in the yard. Note the bouganvilla that is very much undead (thanks Myron and Sandy!), and note the tochter sitting up by herself! Okay, she can't do so with any firm consistency yet (several pictures later she toppled over on her face - good thing it was grass... except she hit my shoe), but she is totally on the way!

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