Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I have loads of yummy shots to share with you, but alas, Blogger isn't
letting pictures at the moment. But anyway, here's the scoop.

The problem with sending a child to a day care provider of any kind is
that you miss out on important milestones. Today was a big 'first' for
the girl, albeit one we coulda lived without: her first being sick!!
Poor thing!

It was like this... The room at work that I pump in was in use (harumph,
I say!). So I called the metapelet, found out the girl hadn't had her
late morning bottle yet, so I just drove over there to feed her. One
problem: she wouldn't eat. She kinda kept staring at me as if to say,
"huh? What am I supposed to do here?" I thought she seemed a little
drugged, actually, but whatever, I went back to work! They called me
about 45 minutes later to say she was hungry, so I directed them to give
her the bottle (my pump room was free then).

When I call again to check on her, I hear that she did NOT want to eat,
and in fact, threw up all over one of the caregivers and a little 2 year
old girl! (The girl had been sitting holding the baby in her arms (with
supervision, of course) when Sarah Rochel yuked. She then turned to the
metapelet and said, "What happened to me?" Adorable! That little girl
got a full costume change and a shower, actually. But I digress...)

Finally they gave her the bottle, in little pieces to help it stay down.
She wasn't crying, didn't seem to be unhappy - but she also was just
laying there, not playing, which is quite out of character for her
sweetness. When I picked her up she was asleep. She slept a good two
hours or more. When she awoke, she was not hungry, but agreed to eat.
She ate about half a feeding, and then we went and sat on the couch. The
fact that she was content just to sit on me shoulda warned me... Indeed,
she then threw up all over me and the couch (slipcovers!) and of course
herself. This was NOT spitup, gentle readers, but the real vomitous
article. (Well, if I missed the 'first,' at least I got the 'second'!)

And after that - she was perfectly happy again. Been fine ever since,
bli ayin hara!

Yoav pointed out that since her little GI system is so small, a 24 hour
bug probably passes through her in about 3. Oh.

She went right to sleep on time, bless her, giving me the chance to make
a menu and shopping list (and dispatch Yoav with the same), and so far
I've cleaned up the kitchen (um, mostly) and I have challah in the oven!
Not too shabby. Of course, today on the road I was biting my tongue to
stay awake. Perhaps I should look into getting more sleep, no?

Everyone should just be healthy, okay?!

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