Monday, September 25, 2006

Tales from the sick

Where to start?

Okay, first, thanks to Yoav for posting the previous post since I was most assuredly otherwise occupied. (Come to think of it, I was napping at Yoav's

Truly, a shana tova to you all! Here's the rundown on what we've been up to:

Friday, we cooked and cooked. The girl was fine, still eating only about half of what she's used to, but she was in good spirits. As you can see from the pictures, we resorted to un-authorized use of the Baby Bjorn to keep her happy whilst I did stuff in the kitchen - she didn't seem to mind!

Friday night we had a lovely meal, uninterrupted by Yoav going off to deliver babies or anything Hatzola-oid (unlike last year, where he left twice before getting to his soup). The pic is of the two of us getting ready for yuntiv.

Shabbos/yuntiv morning, I actually got to shul. I davened shachris outside the shul while the girl sat quietly in her stroller, and then a kind neighbor watched her for me while I ran in and davened musaf with the congregation. And then we left.

Then we had another meal that couldn't be beat (anyone get that besides my Tattie?) and the girl was a little subdued... more subdued... more sub- SPLASH! Okay, she's throwing up again, poor dear.

And again. And she won't eat!! Argh! Visions of dehydration, etc, etc. I'm comforted that we're near a clinic where they have doctors all night... until Yoav tells me for a dehydrated baby, they won't do IVs here, but would send us to J-lem. Oh. And did you know they sometimes put baby IV lines in veins in the head!? Come on, girl, eat!

Sigh. Okay, change clothes a few more times. We go off to the Nechama Rosenbergs for dinner Saturday night, bringing half her wardrobe with us - and she's fine. She also then had her second poop in so many days, which I know you were all wondering about. I will refrain from too many details, but suffice to say, she's showing signs of less than perfect hydration.

Sunday, she and I get to shul and hear our 30 blasts (she was angelic, of course). Then we come home. Eat more (well, we ate more - she hardly did). And then she throws up no fewer than four times (was it five?) with attendant costume changes for one or both of us. Poor dear.

Again, she seems fine between times, doesn't even cry when she's tossing her milk and cookies, and she looks totally healthy. No fever, no inflamation - thank God! She's just eating little and throwing up occasionally. Oh, and sleeping a lot more too.

So, since today was a fast and Yoav was off of most of his jobs anyway, he stayed home with her and I went to work. She ate some, not a lot, blah blah, and didn't throw up until this afternoon when I was with her, and then only once, thank God.

So heck, I don't know what to do. We went to the doc last week, maybe we'll go again tomorrow. Seems to just be a tummy bug, you know? However, I welcome all ideas.

Happy birthday to Yoav, by the way! And to my daughter too, who became 6 months old last week. Hello, wasn't she just born? Look at her, sitting up by the window! (okay, so she fell over a moment later, but still...)

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