Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thatta girl

I won't keep you in suspense - she pooped again today, bless her, and we're just so proud!

Today was meant to be my don't-wake-her-up-but-see-how-her-sleep-schedule-is-when-left-to-her-own-devices day. Okay, yeah, way too hubrisdik a move! She slept until 10 AMish (getting up plenty of times in the night to eat, of course... as an aside, apparently reverting to eating many times during the night is common around this age and will - please God! - pass soon). Then, a nap at about 2 PM, right on schedule... but then her 5-6 PM nap turned into a 6:30-8 PM nap, and as you all know, 8 is bedtime! So we bathed her and put her to bed at about 9:45 PM. Ha ha, said she, and proceeded to play (mostly contentedly) in her crib for the next 70 minutes (!) before she fell asleep!

Oh well. I was obviously getting too proud of her stats.

Hopefully she'll stay down now for a while. Tomorrow it's off to the clinic for another vaccination. In the mean time, I'm trying to get ready for shabbos early, since if I'm done by Thursday night, Friday we get to take our long-anticipated pilgrimage to (insert heavenly chorus) Ikea! Goodnight all!

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