Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tshuva in the air

Gotta run to bed. All is well here, B"H. Her Highness and I went to the Talk'n'Save company BBQ this afternoon, where I did my best to keep her upwind from the smoke so she wouldn't smell like charred tochter. Actually, I barely held her the whole time - she was a little popular.

We have not yet needed to supplement her at the metapelet, which is great. Some days when I get her she's hungry, and some days not. She seems to be equilibriating, and I seem to be making enough for her (except of course for tonight, when I got like pooky. It's because I'm too tired.). The metapelet said that the girl went
forward today - previously her floor wigglings only propelled her backwards. We haven't seen it yet, but still - pretty neat!

Enjoy the picture. We took a few this morning after Yoav blew shofar for his two ladies. He was holding her at the time, and she seemed to want to give it a try. Yoav reminded me that hey, she is chewing on the long-dead discarded body part of a kosher animal, at least. So true!

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