Sunday, September 10, 2006

Worse then better

Shabbos was... well, I dunno. She went to sleep last night at 8:30, only to awaken 45 minutes later. She didn't go back to sleep until 11:30, when we - shudder! - let her cry herself to sleep. Well, she wasn't calming down with eating, with a pacifier, with rocking... It was a little out of control. Yes, all that crying left us in worse shape than it left her. Then she slept for two hours, ate, 1.5 hours, ate, 1 hour, ate, 1 hour, ate... whatever!

Today I ran to my friend's house and asked if she was sure this was my baby, because MY baby doesn't act like this!

But now it's 12:40 AM on motzei shabbos. She slept from 9 PM to midnight, got up and ate, and is asleep still. So maybe there's hope that my baby is coming back, and this freaky zombie can't-play-on-my-own-can't-sleep-unless-I-eat-must-eat-every-hour-and-a-half baby is going back where she came from (she was pretty cute inbetween the crying, though).

Most opinions (friends and books) say she's either growing (developmentally or physically), or teething, the latter of which can apparently cause almost any type of problem, up to and including wrecking the car when the kid is 16.

We had fun at Ikea though! Enjoy the lovely shot of her in Ikea's mondo mom-friendly nursing room! I knew I loved that store...

We had seminary girls for shabbos. Yup, we're back in the proverbial saddle, as it were. And this week, I go back to work! A friend suggested maybe el babe-o is so kvetchy because she 'senses' something's about to change. I'd be impressed if she did; I'm personally in total and complete denial.

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