Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Up with people

I remember back in my old Hebrew Academy days, when I was probably in second grade or so, some traveling show called "Up With People!" came to give us a live presentation. I think the gist of it (most of what I remember is them galavanting across the stage with arms held up, singing "Up, up with people!" again... and again...) was that people are great and we should love people and respect people and diversity and cultures and ear wax, I don't know. The upshot (ba da dum) of this was the song refrain goes through my head as my daughter throws up again.

(took me long enough to get to that point, didn't it?)

She was really golden all day, eating more than yesterday and being with it and everything. All was going well until bedtime, when I fed her, paused apropo to feeding her more... and she sent the meal back to the kitchen, as it were. Poor tochterlach. She was then so utterly exhausted that she kept mouthing to eat more, but didn't want to eat... she fell asleep eventually.

So... We're going to the doctor tomorrow. I can't trace a consistent pattern (for example, earlier today she ate a lot really, really fast... and kept it down. She had a big bottle at the metapelet... and kept it down. She had a small meal tonight, and threw it up. Argh!). I can't trace it to something she ate (unless it's any solids), and from what I could research, it's not a reflux disease. Therefore... it's a virus!! Well, we'll see what the doc says. Fortunately, the doc really likes my daughter (and who wouldn't?).

Anyway, I'm trying to get to sleep early tonight. I fell asleep at work yesterday, and more importantly I have no idea what the night will bring in terms of my barfing beauty. So goodnight!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Messy day

Just when you thought things were getting cleaner...

This morning I was very proud of myself / herself, since it was about five minutes before I wanted to get out the door, and I was all but ready. I just wanted to offer the girl a little bit more to eat before we left, since she hadn't eaten much when I'd awoken her a half-hour prior.

She politely said no, and by politely, I mean she wouldn't open her mouth to nurse but did open it a moment later to throw up all over a) herself, b) myself and c) the recliner (oh nooooooo!). I was so totally surprised that I didn't even sit her up, but just let her go on throwing up in a prone position (sorry kiddo!). I did NOT see that coming.

So Yoav changed the girl while I scavenged for clean clothes (which is why this blog is being composed to the sounds of washer and dryer), and away we went.

She threw up.. but she's fine. Like happy and otherwise utterly her most yummy self, just sans a full belly. At the metapelet today she only drank about 90 ml, which is about half (or less) than what she usually drinks. She ate some of her sweet potatoes and oat cereal, but not all. And all afternoon / evening she only ate about half as much too.

Well, this is certainly helping in my quest to not give her formula, but yanno... The metapelet thought maybe her ears are bothering her, but they checked out last week AND she isn't seeming to pull away from eating, just seems not to be interested in the first place.

Anyway, I tried to feed her some carrots this afternoon, and as long as we were there (and she wasn't interested in eating) I decided to let her explore the carrots in a more tactile fashion. She has impressive range with that stuff, lemme tell ya.

She conked out at 7:45 PM. Oh yeah, she had barely slept today as well.

Important footwear update: A neighbor clued me in that Robeez knock-offs are available at Target! Whoohooey! While I was actually prepared (shudder) to spend $20-$35 on my daughter's footwear, $12.99 is a whole lot better.

And then I found THIS site - www.kidsurplus.com. I'm in love. It has almost EVERYTHING I was planning on buying on other sites, but cheaper. And now I just have to pick from two Carter's versions, which are $6.99 (!!!).

It started warming up a little today, but I still put the girl to bed in a onesie plus pajamas plus sleep sack plus her blankie on top. And I actually turned the heat on too.

Tomorrow is another crazy one. Goodnight!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bedtime cuddling

For the last few bedtimes, I was thinking my daughter was channeling me. That is, my mother tells me that as a baby I (unlike my brother) would only put up with being rocked and sung to for so long; when I was ready to fall asleep, I'd fuss until I was put down in my crib, thank you very much, and lemme go to sleep already!

The Toch has been sung and nursed to sleep just about every night of her life. But the last few nights, while I'm feeding her and singing she will suddenly start fussing and arching, and she only stops when I put her in her crib, where she promptly rolls on her side and falls asleep. Okay, fine.

But tonight... my sweet yummy child did the same thing, fussed until I put her down. So I put her down, walked away... and in a moment or two, she was whimpering in her crib. When she didn't stop after a minute, I went back in and tried to feed her some more, but nope, she didn't want it.

So I just held her. And sang to her. And rocked her in the chair. And her eyelids fluttered... and fell... and stayed down.

She wanted to be rocked and sung to more! Yum!!

Now that the weather has gotten all cold and rainy (Yay! Yay! Yay!) she's back in her sleep sack too! Smunchiness!

Sigh. She's growing up, though. For instance, lately she's been resisting us putting a clean diaper on her. She won't obligingly move her legs to let us get it on. She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort, just ornery.

And today she had her first gluten! She had oat cereal. I was so good - I mixed it with some of the precious milk stash, even warmed it up for her... and she was NOT interested. So we played some and moved on, and in a while I tried again, once it was cold and far more liquidy (scroll down to 'trivia' here for why) - and she loved it! Once again, she's displaying an opinion, a preference - just like a real person!

Top picture is her pasty little self - that picture is about three weeks old, but I'm just posting it now. Yes, you could say she's wearing underwear on her head. And the lower picture is from today, standing on the table. She's wearing her Robeez again, which I am so totally in love with. For one thing, they keep her socks on (!!), and thusly keep her feet warmer, but they also give her more traction. So I need to buy her another pair, clearly. And so...

It's BlogReader poll time! Please help me choose my daughter's next footwear. It's for this winter...

Choose one:
Booties or Giraffes or Little Pink Flowers or Sneakers or the Wildflowers? Help me here, please!

(How did people ever make important parenting and / or retail decisions before blogs?)

Saturday, October 28, 2006


When did we get to be 7 months old? According to the Jewish calendar she's been 7 months old for about a week, but now too according to the Gregorian calendar, that's it - she's old! Six months old, I could hear - she's still a baby. But 7 months old is onward to a year old, which means... um, well, it means she's getting big!!

It means I'm worm sweat for not finishing the thank you notes yet, that's what it means. Nuts.

The girl is seemingly healthy, B"H, but I don't think she's quite back to herself. She's not eating as much, in general, and her enthusiasm for solids seems fairly gone. She had carrots today for the first time... and not much of them, since they came back up fairly efficiently, not like she threw them up involuntarily but more like an editorial comment. And the rice cereal? She can't really be bothered. Even her favorite, sweet potatoes, are only worth a couple of bites.

So there's that, and the fact that she seemed more fragile much of the time. For example, she got upset whenever we tried to change her diaper or clothes today. And she just woke up now after only being asleep for less than 3 hours, when she usually goes for a longer stretch... whatever, she's just not totally back to her version of normal. But we're trying to keep up.

Had lots of seminary girls over for shabbos. B"H the girl does NOT have any stranger issues, just yet. She's still pretty darn cute too, as evidenced in these photos (caption for the one on top: "You want me to eat what, exactly?").

Yoav's trip plans continue apace, as do my online shopping online purchases.

Don't know if ya'll have noticed how dilligent we attempt to be about only taking pictures of her modestly dressed. But tonight she turned over in the bathtub (with supervision, of course!) and was just so cute we had to shoot it. It just needed a little editing... Yoav feels very strongly that her future husband should NOT be subjected to seeing pictures of her nekked in the tub (especially while they're dating). On this, we perhaps disagree, but then again, I'm in denial that her adorable little bottom won't always be available for smushing. How old do kids get before it's socially unacceptable to carry them flying naked through the air? I have a while, right? RIGHT?!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Miss Tropicana

She did very nicely all day, thank God! She's gradually eating more and she played excellently and all in all, she's just a star. Her poops (aside: didn't ya'll miss having daily poop reports from this blog? Ah, the good old days...) are still way more frequent than usual, and strange too. Hence the title of this blog. Grovestand, ya know?

Tomorrow, after 3 days off, we'll probably start her on some solids again. And I'm 92% sure it wasn't the green squash that bothered her, but I'm going to wait a while before she has any more of that. The two next foods in line are oat cereal and carrots. We'll see!

And now, back by popular request, it's TochterOnDemand! This is her new trick. Note how seamlessly she gets up there, too. And what do you think of our new playpen, huh?

(sorry about it being sideways. It isn't playing for me yet, because I uploaded it to YouTube only moments ago, so if it don't work for you either, come back later and try again!)

In case you can't see the video, or even if you can, here's a great action shot of what happens when gravity wins:

Thursday, October 26, 2006

New sick day

So we're staying home today. She's still asleep now, but both times she's woken up since the middle-of-the-night upthrowing she ate very, very little, and then just looked at me until I put her back in her crib...

Okay, now she's up. She ate nicely, and seems...fine. Heck, I'm confused.

Yoav needs to go into J-town now. I think we will go with him after all, and have a brief day at work / metapelet.

Here's a picture of her during a 'well' phase last night. Oh, and she said 'puh' yesterday! Today puh... tomorrow, poop!

Yes, wait, no

At 11 PM, I tried to post...

I'm using an alternate method of posting, since Blogger is down for now. Just wanted to update ya'll that your good wishes and prayers obviously helped, because today was a No Yuke Day, and the girl kept all her milk down... way down... she's pooped like six times in the past two days, but good 'normal' poops, not sicky ones. Although, they are very, very smelly. I guess it was just time for a intestinal detox, although I hadn't realized formula, rice cereal and two different vegetables counted as 'tox.'

Anyway, she seems recovered. She ate less than normal today, but ate plenty, and seemed in good spirits - Baruch Hashem!!

Will post more in detail when I'm sure it's actually posting!

Now it's 1:26 AM. She woke up about an hour and a half ago. As soon as I saw she wouldn't eat, I suspected she would throw up. But she wasn't lethargic - she was twitchy and whimpering and unhappy. Finally she threw up - but that didn't end the unhappies. Anyway, I just got her back to sleep. She finally ate a teeny bit. Besides the fact that I have no idea what to do about work tomorrow... what are we supposed to be doing that we aren't??

Typing with one eye closed so it can sleep. Going to bed.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sick day, post two

Sick or not, she is so the best. But sick she be.

She threw up twice more (both times directly on me - I'm so flattered!). Inbetween times she was really okay, even crawling around a bit and playing. We were giving her milk in bottles so we could control the amounts, trying to give her small amounts so they'd stay down. Well, she drank them just fine - and threw up anyway!

She's been asleep for more than three hours now. I am going to wake her up and feed her soon, before I go to bed.

Tomorrow (unless she's just stellar and normal (or something) overnight and tomorrow morning, I will go to work for most of the morning while Yoav watches the girl. If she's as shloofy as she was today, he can really just take her down the block with him, especially if they learn outside.

My mom said if you judged by the pictures on this blog, the girl never sleeps and never closes her mouth. It's true, she is a (kosher) ham when it comes to the camera, and as soon as she hears the digital click she's all bright eyed, even before the click, actually (as soon as she sees the camera). That she was NOT smiley in this picture, which Yoav took today, is indicative of her health. The hat and outfit don't quite match, but the hat went with the outfit she wore before that one... or was it the outfit before that... or maybe the first one...?

Sick day

Nope, not me - the girl. Around midnight last night, I hear her sneeze and cough (things one generally doesn't do in their sleep). I go in and check on her, and she's awake next to a puddle... looks like she spit up in her sleep? Pick her up and hold her, and the insides of her little cute body were all tense and jerky. She was retching a bit, threw up a bit. Poor little Toch! So we hold her. She doesn't want to eat, doesn't do anything but just lays there. Eventually she falls asleep in my arms, a very, very deep sleep... so deep it freaked us (okay, me) out a bit. We put her in her car seat, put the car seat up on the bed with me, so I could sleep holding her hand... Finally she twitched around a bit. Yoav went and held her in the light so she'd wake up (you know it's bad when at 1 AM you're TRYING to wake up a sleeping baby!). She did, finally, and was a bit more lively, but still refused to eat. In the past she's only refused to eat when she was nauseous.

We put her in her crib - she dropped off around twenty minutes later. She hadn't cried once, through all of this. I curl up in the recliner in her room and sleep there, so I'll be nearby.

Around 5:45 AM I wake up. My daughter hasn't eaten for 10 hours. She's never gone 10 hours without eating in her life! (Come to think of it, it's been an awfully long time (except Yom Kippur) since I went that long too...) So I pick her up, and she eats. She doesn't wake up, but she eats in her sleep. She ate about 3/4 of a full feeding, and I put her back in the crib.

Just before 8 AM we woke her again. We took her temperature too (only took us a few mistries.. whatever...). She had a very low grade fever. She was much more lively now, ate a bit, got quieter, ate more, quieter... and back to sleep.

She woke herself up at 11 AM. We went to the doctor's, where since we didn't have an appointment (and I'm too straight to keep my mouth shut and pretend I did, i.e. I let anyone with an appointment go before me, even after I'd been waiting for a long time), it took about an hour to get in. Oh, and the girl threw up while we were waiting (excellent compassion points - someone with an appointment let us go before her!). Except for the throwing up, she wasn't her normal vibrant self but she was looking around and chewing on things, as is her wont. Doc says she's still adequately hydrated, ears, throat, chest all look / sound fine, fever seemed to be gone, just try to keep fluids down her. Since yesterday the girl had a ton of formula in the morning, and then a rather large meal in the evening (besides nursing), the doc thought maybe her little system just hollered 'uncle.'

Anyway, she ate when we came home, and has been sleeping for the past two and half hours or so. At the three hour mark I'll wake her up again and see if she'll eat.

Poor little pumpkin.

Monday, October 23, 2006

A thirsty day

This morning Princess Pea only wanted to drink and drink and drink. I had sent her a very respectible amount of milk and some sweet tater and rice cereal (what she had gobbled the day before), and she just wanted bottles. So bottles she got - 2 of mine, 2 of formula. Sheesh...

I am conscientiously trying to make my peace with this. This is probably the first part of parenting where things are not going the way I planned. Methinks it shan't be the last...

This picture is why products have seemingly obvious warning labels (warning: contents of this stroller may be extremely cute). It's like a playpen on wheels! And all that junk we keep in the bottom covers the words that say 'do not place infant in basket.' :)

Today was utterly insane, scheduling-wise, with Yoav subbing in J-lem in the morning, then going back to Beit Shemesh by bus, where I picked him up in the car so he could drop me at the house and drive straight back to J-lem. He taught in one school twice - 12 hours apart! He and I are both totally exhausted. The girl was pooped too - she really wanted to take a nap around 5, but her CHM (cruel heartless mother) wouldn't let. I cajoled her into staying awake, and gave her a nice huge meal of squash, followed by rice cereal with cinnamon in it. She loved it, lapped it all up, and then she got a yummy bath. Read half a book, ate, and she passed out, bless her heart, before 7:30 PM. Ah, the good life!

On the mend

By shabbos I was recovered to the point of feeling better but suffering from socially unacceptable coughing. Motzei shabbos I was running a fever, which oddly enough often preceeds feeling better... as I do! Much less coughing today. The biggest downside of my cold now is when I sing to the girl - sheesh! No wonder she's been going to sleep under more duress than usual...

She was even up on Friday night for a 90 minute stretch - from 2:30 AM to 4 AM! So that wasn't her cutest moment... okay, fine, they're ALL her cutest moments.

Tonight she took her bath in the big tub, to spare the kitchen floor (she was in her tubby within the big tub). Anyway, she reached out and grabbed the shower hose, the drain plug, etc - and she pulled herself 95% to standing!! She might have gone all the way, but Mommy doesn't let standing up in the bathtub when you haven't learned to stand yet, ya know?!

She did NOT have formula today - hurray! It wasn't even because I sent so so much milk. Usually she gets about 120 ml of my milk, and then the metapelet makes her a 120 bottle of formula, which she finishes. But today I sent 140 ml... and with that and her rice cereal / sweet potatoes, she was happy! Then again, she may have just been more satiated knowing that, had her tummy felt empty, she could have just fished spare sweet potato chunks out of her hair...

She is sitting almost totally perfectly now. In fact, I'd say she does sit perfectly - it's when she decides she wants to stop sitting that she has trouble. If she wants to move forward, no problem. But she hasn't quite figured out that to backwards, she needs to get down on her tummy and THEN turn. She sometimes tries to lean backwards... and clunk, there's the melon-hitting-tile sound.

I think that's all the news we got. Yoav's busy planning his trip (a totally crazy itinerararary), and I'm trying to feel better and keep up with everything. It's Rosh Chodesh today and tomorrow, new moon, and women traditionally don't do laundry. Oops, I forgot, which is SO annoying, because usually I'm happy to seize upon any non-laundry excuses I can find! Goodnight everyone.

Friday, October 20, 2006


I must be improving, since I just spent an hour cleaning the living room and rearranging furniture!

Here's the girl. Note she's very trendy; she's wearing a shirt that's too small (doesn't cover her tummy) and pants that are way too long (although we rolled them up). Good shabbos ya'll!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Sniffle. Cough cough COUGH!!! Atchoo! No, Tochterlou, don't chew on my dirty tissue!!


Herein my daughter, poster child for the steamed squash society. This was today's new food - she was into it!

And now, by cousinular demand, my very literate lyrics to 'Silent Night' (which I've actually been using since I was an young teenager, babysitting):

I-hi lu-huve my bay-ay-ay-bee.
I-i lu-huve you so-o-OH!
I-hi-i lu-huve you soooo.

I felt so blech this morning I told work I might not come in... which just meant I could come in really, REALLY late and get away with it (yes!). So I got to work at 11 AM or so. The squash was while we were still home. Yup, she had formula again today (darn cold draining my supply). By the time we got home in the evening it was nigh unto bathtime, especially after I got off the phone with my mom. She and I had to have a long conversation while I filled out my Texas absentee voting form (not that she influenced me at all, Mr. Office of Voter Affairs Fraud Officer! Really, we get plenty of press about Kinky Friedman here in Israel - he's headline news!).

Anyway, into the bath. Anyone remember the old Tidal Wave ride at Astroworld, OBM? Yeah, well, it may be time to switch Prunella to the big bathtub, because my kitchen floor is awfully well scrubbed now. It was great - while she bathed (she's in her little chair, so she's stable enough for me to move around) I was wiping off my kitchen cabinets, and when my cloth got too dry, I just held in near her and she thoughtfully doused it with another splash.

Out of the bath, and try putting her in a new pair of pajamas which is sized for 9 months. And the WRISTS are too small! Totally strange. She didn't like being forced into it, and then removed from it, not one bit!

She's been sleeping now for almost 4 hours - WHY am I awake? Cough, hack, sneeze.

We bought shabbos food, Yoav is home from tiyul (oh yeah, I was waiting up for him!) and goodnight!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

To sleep perchance to heal

I'm getting sick. That's why I'm so out of it and there's less milk, too. Booger.

Anyway, the girl slept little today, until her 2.5 hour (!) nap at 5:30 PM! We thought she was out for the night, but she desperately needed a bath, so when she woke up to eat we encouraged her to wake up fully... She got her bath, got fed... and then needed lots of extra soothing to fall asleep (what finally worked was my little 'Silent Night' ditty - different words, of course).

Sniffle. Cough. Blech.

She needed a bath so much because, a) now that she crawls she gets mondo dirty on the floor at the metapelet (our floors are of course immaculate, that is to say, Pumpkinbrain already licked them clean), b) today I let her play in the little pebbles at the park for the first time! She didn't even try to eat them, which was interesting, but she definitely liked them. And they were definitely filthy.

Here's a picture of her from her nap. She totally sleeps like I did the entire pregnancy (and pretty much still do), namely on her side (she prefers her left, like me) all wrapped around a pillow / blanket. I guess she absorbed it in utero. That she flipped onto her stomach is a little rare, but then again, I can put her down in the southwest corner of the crib and silently she'll move over on her side into the northeast side - upside down - so who knows what she really does in there?

When I got her out of her crib today I stood her up against the bars, and she held her arms straight up to be lifted! Yum! And the metapelet says she claps now, although she hasn't yet done that for us.

Yoav is all busy planning his trip. He's going to be in the US for two weeks (so sad!) next month, recruiting for Sharfman's (pardon me as I shep incredible amounts of nachas). We'll miss him, but he'll be making money, I mean, spreading the light of Torah and wisdom... and making money!

I must go to sleep now. If you hear a noise, it's my head exploding with the sinus pressure. Or possibly me hitting myself in the head to open a new aperture for breathing. Either way - I'm zonked.

FormulaWatch: She had it today, will probably have some tomorrow. Sigh.

Still down

Still too tired, still pooped (and speaking of which, we think she forgot to digest those sweet taters, cause they came out the other side fairly identical, but anyway).

Next week we will be Super Organized Wife & Mother. Gotta finish this week first.

She didn't have any formula today though... hurray!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Running to bed...

Gotta go, but summary of today:
Get out of the house late, get to the metapelet, find one of my bottles of milk leaked (sigh). Daughter ends up with formula again. Yet - she still loves me. Well, she better.

Enjoy picture showing off how much her hair has grown.

Give me some comments, people. Pats on the back always appreciated!

-The Very Very Very Tired Mommy

Sunday, October 15, 2006

We get a B+!

Today being isru chag (the day-after-the-holiday), my metapelet doesn't take the kiddos, but I had to go to work! Yoav wasn't back at work today, though, so he stayed home with the girl this morning.

She had a bottle of good old mommymilk. She had a whole bunch of sweet potatoes (she's had them twice now, and she's a BIG fan!). And she had.... formula.

[For now we're setting aside any discussion on the relative merits and evils of formula, but suffice to say Miriam the Mommy bought into a great deal of the nursing party line. We're not judgemental of anyone else, though - please, feed your baby goat's milk and beer if you feel that's best (just from a bottle, never a can).]

I have been trying to analyze my formula issues here (I know you are all deeply curious about my psychoses, second only to your interest in my daughter's bodily functions), and I think it comes down to a misguided optomistic sense of lazy perfectionism. For example, if on a report card I got less than an A, I was disappointed... but the prospect of getting less than an A wouldn't motivate me to do something like study (heaven forfend!) or do research papers more than a couple days in advance, etc. Oral reports? I'd rely on my innate skills to get me through it (that's the misguided optimism), not go over what I wanted to say (laziness), and then be irked when I did poorly (the perfectionism).

So with this whole mothering thing, there are very few things that can be measured in terms of quality in parenting. But there are absolutes. To say I never smacked my kid, that's an absolute statement which packs a bigger punch (pun intended) than "I hit my kid exactly three times in twenty eight years."

So to say my baby NEVER has formula was the perfectionism I was striving for (we're ignoring the first two weeks of her life when she had some under medical direction). Now my baby has had formula never plus one. Huh? I can't make the absolute statement anymore.

Well, at least I can say she didn't have it for a whole long time!! :) And she started with food almost two weeks ago now, so the whole virgin gut idea was already out the diaper, as it were.

Okay, okay, end of self-absorbed ramblings.

Today the weather got much cooler (hurray!) and it rained a little (double hurray, and triple hurray that Yoav got all the textiles and decorations out of the sukka already!!) (memorably, last year we had to put the damp bedding and mattress in our sealed room with the heat turned on, trying to get it all dry). So the girl is finally getting to wear some of her warmer clothes. Ain't she cute? (Thanks S, Y and Y!) How come I don't get a different hat with each outfit? Oh, right. I wear a black skirt every day, and a black hat too. Never mind.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another video

I finally got around to backing up some pictures to disk today, thus enabling me to clear 75% of my full (!) gigabyte memory card on the digital camera. I then proceeded to take several hundred megabytes of videos of the girl. Yoav commented that I was feeling flush with memory. He was right!

Sukka Night Live!

Naturally, she is way cuter - and indeed, crawls better - off camera. What can you do?

And here are some pictures of our sukka! Wanna come over? Um, come fast - the week is almost over!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sarah Ruffle

And now, a little fashion show. We've been wearing lots of new clothes for the holiday. This little ensemble (thanks Z!) garned us the title of 'Sarah Ruffle' over yuntiv... Note the attractive hospital style back! But seriously, it was PERFECT for warm sukka weather. It has an adorable hat too, which she wore on yuntiv but we couldn't find for picture taking... Note also the bloomer effect. Too edible, this child...

Today we ran into J-town (ouch) and visited Savta Raba. The toch even ate some rice cereal there. Then we hit a bookstore, where I sold lots of books from the house that I was ready to part with. The amount of money we got for selling about 20 books was enough to buy another 5 or so. Don't get me started...

Otherwise, a pretty quiet day! Yoav may or may not be going paintballing with some of his students tomorrow, and I may or may not actually get anything accomplished towards cooking for the upcoming yuntiv. But tonight we folded all the laundry I did a full week ago, so now Yoav will have a place to sleep when he moves back inside!

Will have pictures of our sukka tomorrow, IY"H. The girl actually went to sleep on time, since we were able to give her her bath and read to her properly, as is our wont, and now time for me to sleep too! Goodnight!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The exhaustion of vacation

I didn't blog last night because I fell asleep in front of the computer, so much so that when Yoav came home and walked through the door, waking me up, I said to him - "Why am I here?" Apparently, I was pretty tired.

The girl hasn't been going to sleep on time the last few nights, undoubtedly because our schedule is disrupted with guests and outings and so on. Tonight at 7 PM (bedtime is 8, usually), we pulled off the highway (on our way home from J-lem), changed the girl into pajamas, gave her a good meal, put her in her carseat in the back and sang to her until she fell asleep. We figured it was like putting her to bed, right? Wrong! She woke up when we got home (around 8 PM) and has been awake until now, at a quarter to eleven. This would be fine except she'll probably be waking up at 7 AM or so, ready to face the day. Eeep.

Yesterday we hung out with the visited Naomi Rosses, which was such fun, and with them we buzzed the Beit Shemesh rock festival concert in the park thingamajig. Alas, we missed all but the final couple songs of Shlock Rock (we actually heard them through our open car windows while searching for parking), but we enjoyed the next fellow, whatever his name was, and our daughter got her first whiff of pot. Surely it was our imagination (or maybe a morning glory?). (A wink to Mr. R from the ODM of TRC.)

Today whilst Yoav was helping his grandmother, the girl and I visited with the gantze Perry family, as shown! We had a lovely time, and Prunella practiced more of her crawling routine. Her crawl is really more akin to a get up on knees, extend arms, and belly flop forward kind of thing. But it gets her there! Well, except for when she ends up shwooshing backwards. But whatever...

We continue with the rice cereal, and B"H bli ayin hara so far her poops have been lovely. However, they will never again match the exquisite caramel buttered popcorn aroma of her early days. Tragic!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Milestone 5, 6, and 7... aw, forget it...

Today Sarah Rochel devised the quadratic equation!*

Um, well, if we continue at this pace.... But one thing at a time..

Friday night: In honor of the girl's first sukkos, we dressed her up all nice and pretty and chose a coordinating bib for... first food!! In her high chair in the sukka, with hordes (okay, just four for that meal) of adoring seminary girls watching, we gave her rice cereal. Are you surprised that she ate it perfectly? No spitting it out like a Play-Doh squeezy toy. No rubbing it in her hair. She did grab the spoon, occasionally, but only to guide it to her mouth.

We were a little nervous about undertaking such a monumental feat on shabbos, when we would not have our usual constant companion (the camera) available, but she didn't even make any strange faces, none of that "what the HECK is going on in my mouth?" look that so many babies have with first foods. So that's it - she's eating solids!! (Okay, she's eating mushies. Whatever.)

Oh, and you know how they say babies eating solids sleep through the night better? Trust my daughter to beat the system. Up every two hours or less! Sigh...

And while this blog has blissfully stopped being All Poop, All the Time, I do have to mention that I dreaded giving her solids because it would change her poop smell and texture. Indeed, I am sad... But as technologically advanced as we've become, there was no way for me to preserve the smell of her poops for the future - tragic!

Shabbos/yuntiv morning: I come upon the girl in her crib on her knees, rocking! That's your classic pre-crawling move! Way to go, girlchild!

We go across the street for lunch at a friend's. My daughter who just started solids grabs a piece of challah (with honey, gevalt) and manages to get some crumbs in her mouth before Yoav swipes it back - oh, and gets honey all over Yoav's tie too.

We had dressed her in this ADORABLE outfit (thanks Z!), which I hope to photograph at a later date, and her pink Robeez (thanks C!). The shoes were to give her a bit more protection from the outdoor tile and attendant debris. Incidentally, they gave her more traction too.

How do we know?

While we're eating, she's on the ground playing with a plastic cup. It rolls away from her. So she crawls after it.

Say what?

She does it again. And again!! Well, at least her Bubbie won't have to worry anymore that she'll walk before she crawls, but she's crawling. Crawling. She's 6.5 months old (hardly) and she's mobile!

We're wildly proud (think it was the rice cereal?) and she's delighted with her new skill (which is admittedly a little asymetrical, but come on - she's just a baby!). But, man, do we need to attack the bottom 16 inches of the entire house now or what?

Wow. Wow. She's not a bitty baby anymore, you know? This makes us a little sad (correct: Miriam is now back in royal plural third person. Feelings of pique (whatever those are) and mild grumpiness tend to do that to us. Yoav is undividedly pleased). We like our baby as a baby!! And while this big girl is really charming and yummy and so on... where'd the itty bitty newborn go? (Maybe she's under the mound of laundry...)

Sunday: Fortunately, she didn't pull any crazy milestonage today, just the small one (inchpebble, as opposed to milestone) of rubbing rice cereal in her hair. Since all the rice cereals here have vanilla in them, at least she smelled good!

We made it through yuntiv just fine, and enjoyed hosting the additional seminary hordes last night and today. We had some excitement when two lost the key for the empty apartment they were staying in. They and another girl ended up crashing here Saturday night for a grand borrowed-pajamas party.

Baby girl went to sleep almost two hours after bedtime tonight... yawn...

I'm sure there are many other amusing things to tell ya'll, but the fact is I'm exhausted. We retire to sleep the rest of the worthy weary. Yoav will be sleeping in the sukka, of course, and I'll be sleeping in my room next to my traditional roommate of sukkos, the Pile of Unfolded Laundry residing on Yoav's bed.

*not only do I not remember it (those pesky pluses and minuses), I haven't the foggiest recollection what it's used for, aside from its original purpose, namely to give high school math teachers a memorization assignment (the Shakesperian solliliqy of the pre-calculus world, as it were).

hmmm... not too bad, but it might be improved with ketchup.

A toy and something to swallow in one!? This is amazing! Does the media know about this?

Rice cereal: it's not about how it looks, it's about how it tastes. And it tastes pretty blah, but I don't know any better yet (except for my ultra sweet strawberry flavored teething stuff or tummy medicine, yum).

Score! If I get hungry later, I have leftovers in my bib!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Since we changed the clocks, yuntiv and shabbos are really really really really really early!! Gotta run - yikes! Have a great sukkos everyone! Enjoy this pic of the girl and her abba reading before bedtime (aw). Really, she does look at the book when he reads - it's just that she can't resist a camera. Miss Druyan, we're ready for your closeup...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Milestones IV

Sorry about the repetitive titles - ain't my fault - she just keeps doing stuff! Behold her smoonchiness:

She was swallowing and everything! It's the real deal! She's gotten to the point that she can sip from a regular cup (when I hold it) without letting a wave drip over her chin each time. Well, apparently she figured this out too!

Weight is up to 14 pounds! Finally, something I can relate to... my cat was 14 pounds!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Milestones III

These milestones... they just keep coming!!

Check out THIS new trick!

I put her down in her crib, sitting. I walk away, yadi yadi, come back with Yoav and and and she's holding the top bar of the crib and pulling. When did she learn THAT?? Yoav helps her a little, and tada - we're standing in our cribby, holding on and just as pleased with ourselves as we can be!!

Darn it. Gotta keep the side of the crib higher now. Nuts. It's no where near as comfortable to set a sleeping tochter down with a higher side (and don't tell me to put the side up and down - the noise of putting it back up tonight after I fed her got her all wide awake again!).

We got the sukka up today - hurray! (Okay, I say 'we' when it was really my amazing husband and his two drafted bochurim (we paid them in pizza) who did it.) And somehow our guest count for the upcoming meals of yuntiv keeps going up. But at least we have a place to feed them now!

Can't sign off without mentioning the milk of human kindness... A friend thawed some frozen mommymilk for her little zun (zun = boy tochter) for Yom Kippur. Her boy wouldn't take it. You can't refreeze it, so she offered it to me... and that's what Sarah Rochel ate today! Does this make me a spoiled Southern belle with a wet nurse? Whatever it means (are we related now?) it meant my daughter didn't have to have formula and had plenty to eat. Hurray!

My eye infection ain't gone, so we're off to the doctor tomorrow. While there we'll no doubt weigh the girl again for our compulsive pleasure, so you have that to look forward to!

And for any of you who have ever given my daughter clothes... She's wearing her backup outfit, as in the I-pooped-on-my-cute-outfit-now-dress-me-in-rejects outfit. So sorry to offend.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Milestones II

Gut voch! Gut yor! Shavua tov!

I forgot a couple of milestones... She is starting to laugh at something she SEES, not just something that happens to her. Yes, she laughs if we tickle her, but she'll also laugh now (um, sometimes) if we just make a silly face!

Additionally, she is really, really almost sitting perfectly - just topples over every once in a while.

Her vocalizations are changing too. She has different screams if she is displeased (for example, when we try to de-booger her nose) or bored or whatever. And while Abba Yoav was holding her yesterday, she was saying "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbwa." Clearly antidisestablishmentarianism is next.

We all came through the fast just fine, B"H. The girl did fine without us resorting to formula (hurray!) although I don't know what she'll be eating at the metapelet tomorrow... We ought to be alright with the freezer stash, I hope.

Anyway, the girl is asleep and it's sukka building time!! Okay, for me it's washing dishes time, but Yoav will be working on the sukka IY"H. Happy happy!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Today the tochter went to the kosel for the first time (okay, we've been busy...). We didn't stay long, but we took a picture (hey, we have our priorities straight, right?).

In other news, last week she reached a milestone - she complained when I took away a toy! While not full object permanence, it is a big step. Moreover, she is learning how to play a game, like how to respond to the same stimulus over and over. For example, when I make my bed (every morning... er, well, sometime before I go back to sleep. Usually. Anyway...), I put her on the bed and billow the top sheet over her, effectively making a grand peekaboo situation. Well, she consistently now waves her arms to get the sheet off of her, but just to expose her eyes, so she can see me and I can make my appropriate hyperdramatic response. It's a big deal!

A gmar chasima tova to you all - may we all be sealed in the book of life for this upcoming year (to say nothing of the books of health, parnassa (livelihood), and so on). This past year was pretty darn good... Okay, it was the best one of our lives (and that includes the year we got married). May this new one be even better!! (Twins, anyone?)