Saturday, October 28, 2006


When did we get to be 7 months old? According to the Jewish calendar she's been 7 months old for about a week, but now too according to the Gregorian calendar, that's it - she's old! Six months old, I could hear - she's still a baby. But 7 months old is onward to a year old, which means... um, well, it means she's getting big!!

It means I'm worm sweat for not finishing the thank you notes yet, that's what it means. Nuts.

The girl is seemingly healthy, B"H, but I don't think she's quite back to herself. She's not eating as much, in general, and her enthusiasm for solids seems fairly gone. She had carrots today for the first time... and not much of them, since they came back up fairly efficiently, not like she threw them up involuntarily but more like an editorial comment. And the rice cereal? She can't really be bothered. Even her favorite, sweet potatoes, are only worth a couple of bites.

So there's that, and the fact that she seemed more fragile much of the time. For example, she got upset whenever we tried to change her diaper or clothes today. And she just woke up now after only being asleep for less than 3 hours, when she usually goes for a longer stretch... whatever, she's just not totally back to her version of normal. But we're trying to keep up.

Had lots of seminary girls over for shabbos. B"H the girl does NOT have any stranger issues, just yet. She's still pretty darn cute too, as evidenced in these photos (caption for the one on top: "You want me to eat what, exactly?").

Yoav's trip plans continue apace, as do my online shopping online purchases.

Don't know if ya'll have noticed how dilligent we attempt to be about only taking pictures of her modestly dressed. But tonight she turned over in the bathtub (with supervision, of course!) and was just so cute we had to shoot it. It just needed a little editing... Yoav feels very strongly that her future husband should NOT be subjected to seeing pictures of her nekked in the tub (especially while they're dating). On this, we perhaps disagree, but then again, I'm in denial that her adorable little bottom won't always be available for smushing. How old do kids get before it's socially unacceptable to carry them flying naked through the air? I have a while, right? RIGHT?!


Anonymous said...

sorry i have not written in a while. cute pictures. anyway, just a helpful hint, if she likes the sweet potatoes, you migh add just a dab to the cereal to help the taste. i do that with sarah and her barley cereal, which she does not love.
miss you,

Anonymous said...

hey mir! if she is 7 months old, that means that I am married for 7 months! That day was very special for many people!
missing u!

rebecca schochet

Anonymous said...

PS...the tochter looks like she's amish in the little bonnet...very cute!