Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bedtime cuddling

For the last few bedtimes, I was thinking my daughter was channeling me. That is, my mother tells me that as a baby I (unlike my brother) would only put up with being rocked and sung to for so long; when I was ready to fall asleep, I'd fuss until I was put down in my crib, thank you very much, and lemme go to sleep already!

The Toch has been sung and nursed to sleep just about every night of her life. But the last few nights, while I'm feeding her and singing she will suddenly start fussing and arching, and she only stops when I put her in her crib, where she promptly rolls on her side and falls asleep. Okay, fine.

But tonight... my sweet yummy child did the same thing, fussed until I put her down. So I put her down, walked away... and in a moment or two, she was whimpering in her crib. When she didn't stop after a minute, I went back in and tried to feed her some more, but nope, she didn't want it.

So I just held her. And sang to her. And rocked her in the chair. And her eyelids fluttered... and fell... and stayed down.

She wanted to be rocked and sung to more! Yum!!

Now that the weather has gotten all cold and rainy (Yay! Yay! Yay!) she's back in her sleep sack too! Smunchiness!

Sigh. She's growing up, though. For instance, lately she's been resisting us putting a clean diaper on her. She won't obligingly move her legs to let us get it on. She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort, just ornery.

And today she had her first gluten! She had oat cereal. I was so good - I mixed it with some of the precious milk stash, even warmed it up for her... and she was NOT interested. So we played some and moved on, and in a while I tried again, once it was cold and far more liquidy (scroll down to 'trivia' here for why) - and she loved it! Once again, she's displaying an opinion, a preference - just like a real person!

Top picture is her pasty little self - that picture is about three weeks old, but I'm just posting it now. Yes, you could say she's wearing underwear on her head. And the lower picture is from today, standing on the table. She's wearing her Robeez again, which I am so totally in love with. For one thing, they keep her socks on (!!), and thusly keep her feet warmer, but they also give her more traction. So I need to buy her another pair, clearly. And so...

It's BlogReader poll time! Please help me choose my daughter's next footwear. It's for this winter...

Choose one:
Booties or Giraffes or Little Pink Flowers or Sneakers or the Wildflowers? Help me here, please!

(How did people ever make important parenting and / or retail decisions before blogs?)


Anonymous said...

Well......... as an international expert on pediatric podiatry ( or ped's pods as we call it in the biz ....;-) I think any of the choices on the top row are cute, while being functional. Good luck !
- a BIG fan of the Tochter

rebecca schochet said...

so I like the booties but dont know how your charedi neighbors will approve of such footwear. I mean, there are many people wearing those boots here in the states... but israel has its own set of standards. You might want to think about her chances of getting into a high school in 15 years if you put those booties on her feetsalech! Additionally, my husband (of 7 months!!!) just said, "I never that babies wore boots!!"
if you dont mind about what your neighbors say, i vote for the booties!


SSDN&E said...

Hi! I'm a pseudo-stalker/fellow blogger/matriach of the Gold family of Gold Family Fame on Yaffa's list of links (okay, there's only 3 of us there). I too, struggled with the dozens of choices in infant footwear for several weeks until I gave up and put hand me downs on the poor babe. I vote for the boldly colored flowered ones, as it appears that you already have a pastel pair, and I love girly things for girlies. Enjoying your blog!

Anonymous said...

Although I am not a Mavin for tiny tiny tiny shoes ...... BOOTIES HANDS DOWN !!!! These mini Ughs will make seminanry "girls's go wild"

Jennifer Bean said...

I think the giraffes, the sneakers, or the red flowered ones. But I think the giraffes are my favorite. Too cute!

Cousin Jen

Faye Berman said...

I like the red ones.

debbie said...

booties! she'll be the coolest toch in town! i mean, she already is, but now she'll be even cooler. and these letter things on the bottom that i havew to type in in order to get posted- theyre getting harder and harder! lots of v's and w's! makes my brain hurt!