Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The exhaustion of vacation

I didn't blog last night because I fell asleep in front of the computer, so much so that when Yoav came home and walked through the door, waking me up, I said to him - "Why am I here?" Apparently, I was pretty tired.

The girl hasn't been going to sleep on time the last few nights, undoubtedly because our schedule is disrupted with guests and outings and so on. Tonight at 7 PM (bedtime is 8, usually), we pulled off the highway (on our way home from J-lem), changed the girl into pajamas, gave her a good meal, put her in her carseat in the back and sang to her until she fell asleep. We figured it was like putting her to bed, right? Wrong! She woke up when we got home (around 8 PM) and has been awake until now, at a quarter to eleven. This would be fine except she'll probably be waking up at 7 AM or so, ready to face the day. Eeep.

Yesterday we hung out with the visited Naomi Rosses, which was such fun, and with them we buzzed the Beit Shemesh rock festival concert in the park thingamajig. Alas, we missed all but the final couple songs of Shlock Rock (we actually heard them through our open car windows while searching for parking), but we enjoyed the next fellow, whatever his name was, and our daughter got her first whiff of pot. Surely it was our imagination (or maybe a morning glory?). (A wink to Mr. R from the ODM of TRC.)

Today whilst Yoav was helping his grandmother, the girl and I visited with the gantze Perry family, as shown! We had a lovely time, and Prunella practiced more of her crawling routine. Her crawl is really more akin to a get up on knees, extend arms, and belly flop forward kind of thing. But it gets her there! Well, except for when she ends up shwooshing backwards. But whatever...

We continue with the rice cereal, and B"H bli ayin hara so far her poops have been lovely. However, they will never again match the exquisite caramel buttered popcorn aroma of her early days. Tragic!

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