Monday, October 30, 2006

Messy day

Just when you thought things were getting cleaner...

This morning I was very proud of myself / herself, since it was about five minutes before I wanted to get out the door, and I was all but ready. I just wanted to offer the girl a little bit more to eat before we left, since she hadn't eaten much when I'd awoken her a half-hour prior.

She politely said no, and by politely, I mean she wouldn't open her mouth to nurse but did open it a moment later to throw up all over a) herself, b) myself and c) the recliner (oh nooooooo!). I was so totally surprised that I didn't even sit her up, but just let her go on throwing up in a prone position (sorry kiddo!). I did NOT see that coming.

So Yoav changed the girl while I scavenged for clean clothes (which is why this blog is being composed to the sounds of washer and dryer), and away we went.

She threw up.. but she's fine. Like happy and otherwise utterly her most yummy self, just sans a full belly. At the metapelet today she only drank about 90 ml, which is about half (or less) than what she usually drinks. She ate some of her sweet potatoes and oat cereal, but not all. And all afternoon / evening she only ate about half as much too.

Well, this is certainly helping in my quest to not give her formula, but yanno... The metapelet thought maybe her ears are bothering her, but they checked out last week AND she isn't seeming to pull away from eating, just seems not to be interested in the first place.

Anyway, I tried to feed her some carrots this afternoon, and as long as we were there (and she wasn't interested in eating) I decided to let her explore the carrots in a more tactile fashion. She has impressive range with that stuff, lemme tell ya.

She conked out at 7:45 PM. Oh yeah, she had barely slept today as well.

Important footwear update: A neighbor clued me in that Robeez knock-offs are available at Target! Whoohooey! While I was actually prepared (shudder) to spend $20-$35 on my daughter's footwear, $12.99 is a whole lot better.

And then I found THIS site - I'm in love. It has almost EVERYTHING I was planning on buying on other sites, but cheaper. And now I just have to pick from two Carter's versions, which are $6.99 (!!!).

It started warming up a little today, but I still put the girl to bed in a onesie plus pajamas plus sleep sack plus her blankie on top. And I actually turned the heat on too.

Tomorrow is another crazy one. Goodnight!


Savta said...

Shalom to all, we hope that Pitzky and her parents are fine now. regards, love and kisses from Saba as well.
Yesterday we were at Toys 'R Us in the city and I think it is definitely a place I'd like to take Sara Rachel to and enjoy the Ferris Wheel...

Faye Berman said...

Hey Hey, Your kid is the picture queen. She photographs so well. I love looking at the updates. Check out onlysimchas and look up Kashnow, meet my new nephew. Oh yeah... NEH!!!!!!!!!

bilha said...

Maybe I missed something but did you ever take her to the doc about the puking? What did he say? I hope she feels better. I feel so sad for her. Can you e-mail me your e-mail address? Mine is just my name @yahoo. I wanted to ask you a question without posting it on the blog. By the way, in response to Savta, we took Miriam and Tzali to Toys R Us this past summer. Miriam was a bit too little to enjoy it but Tzali had a great time. We spent like three + hours there playing with all the stuff. Tzali was scared of the ferris wheel but they had some other fun things going on. Anyway, I hope the puking stops soon. Enjoy your day!