Sunday, October 08, 2006

Milestone 5, 6, and 7... aw, forget it...

Today Sarah Rochel devised the quadratic equation!*

Um, well, if we continue at this pace.... But one thing at a time..

Friday night: In honor of the girl's first sukkos, we dressed her up all nice and pretty and chose a coordinating bib for... first food!! In her high chair in the sukka, with hordes (okay, just four for that meal) of adoring seminary girls watching, we gave her rice cereal. Are you surprised that she ate it perfectly? No spitting it out like a Play-Doh squeezy toy. No rubbing it in her hair. She did grab the spoon, occasionally, but only to guide it to her mouth.

We were a little nervous about undertaking such a monumental feat on shabbos, when we would not have our usual constant companion (the camera) available, but she didn't even make any strange faces, none of that "what the HECK is going on in my mouth?" look that so many babies have with first foods. So that's it - she's eating solids!! (Okay, she's eating mushies. Whatever.)

Oh, and you know how they say babies eating solids sleep through the night better? Trust my daughter to beat the system. Up every two hours or less! Sigh...

And while this blog has blissfully stopped being All Poop, All the Time, I do have to mention that I dreaded giving her solids because it would change her poop smell and texture. Indeed, I am sad... But as technologically advanced as we've become, there was no way for me to preserve the smell of her poops for the future - tragic!

Shabbos/yuntiv morning: I come upon the girl in her crib on her knees, rocking! That's your classic pre-crawling move! Way to go, girlchild!

We go across the street for lunch at a friend's. My daughter who just started solids grabs a piece of challah (with honey, gevalt) and manages to get some crumbs in her mouth before Yoav swipes it back - oh, and gets honey all over Yoav's tie too.

We had dressed her in this ADORABLE outfit (thanks Z!), which I hope to photograph at a later date, and her pink Robeez (thanks C!). The shoes were to give her a bit more protection from the outdoor tile and attendant debris. Incidentally, they gave her more traction too.

How do we know?

While we're eating, she's on the ground playing with a plastic cup. It rolls away from her. So she crawls after it.

Say what?

She does it again. And again!! Well, at least her Bubbie won't have to worry anymore that she'll walk before she crawls, but she's crawling. Crawling. She's 6.5 months old (hardly) and she's mobile!

We're wildly proud (think it was the rice cereal?) and she's delighted with her new skill (which is admittedly a little asymetrical, but come on - she's just a baby!). But, man, do we need to attack the bottom 16 inches of the entire house now or what?

Wow. Wow. She's not a bitty baby anymore, you know? This makes us a little sad (correct: Miriam is now back in royal plural third person. Feelings of pique (whatever those are) and mild grumpiness tend to do that to us. Yoav is undividedly pleased). We like our baby as a baby!! And while this big girl is really charming and yummy and so on... where'd the itty bitty newborn go? (Maybe she's under the mound of laundry...)

Sunday: Fortunately, she didn't pull any crazy milestonage today, just the small one (inchpebble, as opposed to milestone) of rubbing rice cereal in her hair. Since all the rice cereals here have vanilla in them, at least she smelled good!

We made it through yuntiv just fine, and enjoyed hosting the additional seminary hordes last night and today. We had some excitement when two lost the key for the empty apartment they were staying in. They and another girl ended up crashing here Saturday night for a grand borrowed-pajamas party.

Baby girl went to sleep almost two hours after bedtime tonight... yawn...

I'm sure there are many other amusing things to tell ya'll, but the fact is I'm exhausted. We retire to sleep the rest of the worthy weary. Yoav will be sleeping in the sukka, of course, and I'll be sleeping in my room next to my traditional roommate of sukkos, the Pile of Unfolded Laundry residing on Yoav's bed.

*not only do I not remember it (those pesky pluses and minuses), I haven't the foggiest recollection what it's used for, aside from its original purpose, namely to give high school math teachers a memorization assignment (the Shakesperian solliliqy of the pre-calculus world, as it were).

hmmm... not too bad, but it might be improved with ketchup.

A toy and something to swallow in one!? This is amazing! Does the media know about this?

Rice cereal: it's not about how it looks, it's about how it tastes. And it tastes pretty blah, but I don't know any better yet (except for my ultra sweet strawberry flavored teething stuff or tummy medicine, yum).

Score! If I get hungry later, I have leftovers in my bib!

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Sabba said...

I am very proud of Sarah Rochel's accomplishments. We love who she is so we feel nostalgic when she moves on to the next stage. Get used to it- this will continue for many years. I pledge to appreciate every new stage as she gets to it.