Monday, October 02, 2006

Milestones II

Gut voch! Gut yor! Shavua tov!

I forgot a couple of milestones... She is starting to laugh at something she SEES, not just something that happens to her. Yes, she laughs if we tickle her, but she'll also laugh now (um, sometimes) if we just make a silly face!

Additionally, she is really, really almost sitting perfectly - just topples over every once in a while.

Her vocalizations are changing too. She has different screams if she is displeased (for example, when we try to de-booger her nose) or bored or whatever. And while Abba Yoav was holding her yesterday, she was saying "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbwa." Clearly antidisestablishmentarianism is next.

We all came through the fast just fine, B"H. The girl did fine without us resorting to formula (hurray!) although I don't know what she'll be eating at the metapelet tomorrow... We ought to be alright with the freezer stash, I hope.

Anyway, the girl is asleep and it's sukka building time!! Okay, for me it's washing dishes time, but Yoav will be working on the sukka IY"H. Happy happy!