Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Milestones III

These milestones... they just keep coming!!

Check out THIS new trick!

I put her down in her crib, sitting. I walk away, yadi yadi, come back with Yoav and and and she's holding the top bar of the crib and pulling. When did she learn THAT?? Yoav helps her a little, and tada - we're standing in our cribby, holding on and just as pleased with ourselves as we can be!!

Darn it. Gotta keep the side of the crib higher now. Nuts. It's no where near as comfortable to set a sleeping tochter down with a higher side (and don't tell me to put the side up and down - the noise of putting it back up tonight after I fed her got her all wide awake again!).

We got the sukka up today - hurray! (Okay, I say 'we' when it was really my amazing husband and his two drafted bochurim (we paid them in pizza) who did it.) And somehow our guest count for the upcoming meals of yuntiv keeps going up. But at least we have a place to feed them now!

Can't sign off without mentioning the milk of human kindness... A friend thawed some frozen mommymilk for her little zun (zun = boy tochter) for Yom Kippur. Her boy wouldn't take it. You can't refreeze it, so she offered it to me... and that's what Sarah Rochel ate today! Does this make me a spoiled Southern belle with a wet nurse? Whatever it means (are we related now?) it meant my daughter didn't have to have formula and had plenty to eat. Hurray!

My eye infection ain't gone, so we're off to the doctor tomorrow. While there we'll no doubt weigh the girl again for our compulsive pleasure, so you have that to look forward to!

And for any of you who have ever given my daughter clothes... She's wearing her backup outfit, as in the I-pooped-on-my-cute-outfit-now-dress-me-in-rejects outfit. So sorry to offend.

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Naomi said...

She is just getting cuter and cuter! What a smile!