Sunday, October 01, 2006


Today the tochter went to the kosel for the first time (okay, we've been busy...). We didn't stay long, but we took a picture (hey, we have our priorities straight, right?).

In other news, last week she reached a milestone - she complained when I took away a toy! While not full object permanence, it is a big step. Moreover, she is learning how to play a game, like how to respond to the same stimulus over and over. For example, when I make my bed (every morning... er, well, sometime before I go back to sleep. Usually. Anyway...), I put her on the bed and billow the top sheet over her, effectively making a grand peekaboo situation. Well, she consistently now waves her arms to get the sheet off of her, but just to expose her eyes, so she can see me and I can make my appropriate hyperdramatic response. It's a big deal!

A gmar chasima tova to you all - may we all be sealed in the book of life for this upcoming year (to say nothing of the books of health, parnassa (livelihood), and so on). This past year was pretty darn good... Okay, it was the best one of our lives (and that includes the year we got married). May this new one be even better!! (Twins, anyone?)


Shira said...

Btw, I was reading some back issues of ode to SR and wanted to note that I have a friend who calls the thermometer trick "the playdough factory". Grossitating, no? Have a happy and healthy!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Okay, now THAT is blechy!!