Thursday, October 26, 2006

New sick day

So we're staying home today. She's still asleep now, but both times she's woken up since the middle-of-the-night upthrowing she ate very, very little, and then just looked at me until I put her back in her crib...

Okay, now she's up. She ate nicely, and seems...fine. Heck, I'm confused.

Yoav needs to go into J-town now. I think we will go with him after all, and have a brief day at work / metapelet.

Here's a picture of her during a 'well' phase last night. Oh, and she said 'puh' yesterday! Today puh... tomorrow, poop!

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bilh said...

Wow. Refuah Shlaima Sarah Rachel! Miriam, you must be exhausted. It's no fun having a sick baby. I hear that there's some puking stomach virus thing going around (around means around this country by the way). We've got some of the same thing going around TZ and KY believe it or not. B"H it hasn't plagued us. Hope she starts to feel better soon. Rest up while you can. Happy Shabbos cooking.