Monday, October 23, 2006

On the mend

By shabbos I was recovered to the point of feeling better but suffering from socially unacceptable coughing. Motzei shabbos I was running a fever, which oddly enough often preceeds feeling better... as I do! Much less coughing today. The biggest downside of my cold now is when I sing to the girl - sheesh! No wonder she's been going to sleep under more duress than usual...

She was even up on Friday night for a 90 minute stretch - from 2:30 AM to 4 AM! So that wasn't her cutest moment... okay, fine, they're ALL her cutest moments.

Tonight she took her bath in the big tub, to spare the kitchen floor (she was in her tubby within the big tub). Anyway, she reached out and grabbed the shower hose, the drain plug, etc - and she pulled herself 95% to standing!! She might have gone all the way, but Mommy doesn't let standing up in the bathtub when you haven't learned to stand yet, ya know?!

She did NOT have formula today - hurray! It wasn't even because I sent so so much milk. Usually she gets about 120 ml of my milk, and then the metapelet makes her a 120 bottle of formula, which she finishes. But today I sent 140 ml... and with that and her rice cereal / sweet potatoes, she was happy! Then again, she may have just been more satiated knowing that, had her tummy felt empty, she could have just fished spare sweet potato chunks out of her hair...

She is sitting almost totally perfectly now. In fact, I'd say she does sit perfectly - it's when she decides she wants to stop sitting that she has trouble. If she wants to move forward, no problem. But she hasn't quite figured out that to backwards, she needs to get down on her tummy and THEN turn. She sometimes tries to lean backwards... and clunk, there's the melon-hitting-tile sound.

I think that's all the news we got. Yoav's busy planning his trip (a totally crazy itinerararary), and I'm trying to feel better and keep up with everything. It's Rosh Chodesh today and tomorrow, new moon, and women traditionally don't do laundry. Oops, I forgot, which is SO annoying, because usually I'm happy to seize upon any non-laundry excuses I can find! Goodnight everyone.

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