Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sick day, post two

Sick or not, she is so the best. But sick she be.

She threw up twice more (both times directly on me - I'm so flattered!). Inbetween times she was really okay, even crawling around a bit and playing. We were giving her milk in bottles so we could control the amounts, trying to give her small amounts so they'd stay down. Well, she drank them just fine - and threw up anyway!

She's been asleep for more than three hours now. I am going to wake her up and feed her soon, before I go to bed.

Tomorrow (unless she's just stellar and normal (or something) overnight and tomorrow morning, I will go to work for most of the morning while Yoav watches the girl. If she's as shloofy as she was today, he can really just take her down the block with him, especially if they learn outside.

My mom said if you judged by the pictures on this blog, the girl never sleeps and never closes her mouth. It's true, she is a (kosher) ham when it comes to the camera, and as soon as she hears the digital click she's all bright eyed, even before the click, actually (as soon as she sees the camera). That she was NOT smiley in this picture, which Yoav took today, is indicative of her health. The hat and outfit don't quite match, but the hat went with the outfit she wore before that one... or was it the outfit before that... or maybe the first one...?


Yitz/Yaffa said...

Oy. Refuah Sheleima. Hope to see a smiling Sarah Rochel soon!

brenderan said...

Poor thing - she really doesn't look like her usually stellar self in this pic.
Hope she's feeling better soon so momma can get some rest (and stop worrying so much about her) too :)