Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sick day

Nope, not me - the girl. Around midnight last night, I hear her sneeze and cough (things one generally doesn't do in their sleep). I go in and check on her, and she's awake next to a puddle... looks like she spit up in her sleep? Pick her up and hold her, and the insides of her little cute body were all tense and jerky. She was retching a bit, threw up a bit. Poor little Toch! So we hold her. She doesn't want to eat, doesn't do anything but just lays there. Eventually she falls asleep in my arms, a very, very deep sleep... so deep it freaked us (okay, me) out a bit. We put her in her car seat, put the car seat up on the bed with me, so I could sleep holding her hand... Finally she twitched around a bit. Yoav went and held her in the light so she'd wake up (you know it's bad when at 1 AM you're TRYING to wake up a sleeping baby!). She did, finally, and was a bit more lively, but still refused to eat. In the past she's only refused to eat when she was nauseous.

We put her in her crib - she dropped off around twenty minutes later. She hadn't cried once, through all of this. I curl up in the recliner in her room and sleep there, so I'll be nearby.

Around 5:45 AM I wake up. My daughter hasn't eaten for 10 hours. She's never gone 10 hours without eating in her life! (Come to think of it, it's been an awfully long time (except Yom Kippur) since I went that long too...) So I pick her up, and she eats. She doesn't wake up, but she eats in her sleep. She ate about 3/4 of a full feeding, and I put her back in the crib.

Just before 8 AM we woke her again. We took her temperature too (only took us a few mistries.. whatever...). She had a very low grade fever. She was much more lively now, ate a bit, got quieter, ate more, quieter... and back to sleep.

She woke herself up at 11 AM. We went to the doctor's, where since we didn't have an appointment (and I'm too straight to keep my mouth shut and pretend I did, i.e. I let anyone with an appointment go before me, even after I'd been waiting for a long time), it took about an hour to get in. Oh, and the girl threw up while we were waiting (excellent compassion points - someone with an appointment let us go before her!). Except for the throwing up, she wasn't her normal vibrant self but she was looking around and chewing on things, as is her wont. Doc says she's still adequately hydrated, ears, throat, chest all look / sound fine, fever seemed to be gone, just try to keep fluids down her. Since yesterday the girl had a ton of formula in the morning, and then a rather large meal in the evening (besides nursing), the doc thought maybe her little system just hollered 'uncle.'

Anyway, she ate when we came home, and has been sleeping for the past two and half hours or so. At the three hour mark I'll wake her up again and see if she'll eat.

Poor little pumpkin.


Faye Berman said...

aww refuah shleima to the butter bean!!!! Glad that you are feeling better tho Mir.

bilha said...

Refuah shlaima! It's no fun when your or the babe are sick. Rest up!

Anonymous said...

oy yoy yoy.....refuah shelaima SR!!! Its so sad when babies get sick ;(
Hoping you feel better right quick.
Your favorite Kollel wife in Yesha :)