Thursday, October 19, 2006


Sniffle. Cough cough COUGH!!! Atchoo! No, Tochterlou, don't chew on my dirty tissue!!


Herein my daughter, poster child for the steamed squash society. This was today's new food - she was into it!

And now, by cousinular demand, my very literate lyrics to 'Silent Night' (which I've actually been using since I was an young teenager, babysitting):

I-hi lu-huve my bay-ay-ay-bee.
I-i lu-huve you so-o-OH!
I-hi-i lu-huve you soooo.

I felt so blech this morning I told work I might not come in... which just meant I could come in really, REALLY late and get away with it (yes!). So I got to work at 11 AM or so. The squash was while we were still home. Yup, she had formula again today (darn cold draining my supply). By the time we got home in the evening it was nigh unto bathtime, especially after I got off the phone with my mom. She and I had to have a long conversation while I filled out my Texas absentee voting form (not that she influenced me at all, Mr. Office of Voter Affairs Fraud Officer! Really, we get plenty of press about Kinky Friedman here in Israel - he's headline news!).

Anyway, into the bath. Anyone remember the old Tidal Wave ride at Astroworld, OBM? Yeah, well, it may be time to switch Prunella to the big bathtub, because my kitchen floor is awfully well scrubbed now. It was great - while she bathed (she's in her little chair, so she's stable enough for me to move around) I was wiping off my kitchen cabinets, and when my cloth got too dry, I just held in near her and she thoughtfully doused it with another splash.

Out of the bath, and try putting her in a new pair of pajamas which is sized for 9 months. And the WRISTS are too small! Totally strange. She didn't like being forced into it, and then removed from it, not one bit!

She's been sleeping now for almost 4 hours - WHY am I awake? Cough, hack, sneeze.

We bought shabbos food, Yoav is home from tiyul (oh yeah, I was waiting up for him!) and goodnight!


Anonymous said...

How do you manage to get such great action shots? She's so squishable (squashable)!

Faye Berman said...

Refuah Shleima, and Good Shabbos, I hope you get better soon. The tochter is, as usual, totally gorgeous! KE"H

Jennifer Bean said...

Very cute! I like the baby version. And yes... I remember Tidal Wave. I miss Astroworld. I'm having roller coaster withdrawals. Sniff. Shannon says hi, by the way. She's in town from Alabama this weekend.