Monday, October 23, 2006

A thirsty day

This morning Princess Pea only wanted to drink and drink and drink. I had sent her a very respectible amount of milk and some sweet tater and rice cereal (what she had gobbled the day before), and she just wanted bottles. So bottles she got - 2 of mine, 2 of formula. Sheesh...

I am conscientiously trying to make my peace with this. This is probably the first part of parenting where things are not going the way I planned. Methinks it shan't be the last...

This picture is why products have seemingly obvious warning labels (warning: contents of this stroller may be extremely cute). It's like a playpen on wheels! And all that junk we keep in the bottom covers the words that say 'do not place infant in basket.' :)

Today was utterly insane, scheduling-wise, with Yoav subbing in J-lem in the morning, then going back to Beit Shemesh by bus, where I picked him up in the car so he could drop me at the house and drive straight back to J-lem. He taught in one school twice - 12 hours apart! He and I are both totally exhausted. The girl was pooped too - she really wanted to take a nap around 5, but her CHM (cruel heartless mother) wouldn't let. I cajoled her into staying awake, and gave her a nice huge meal of squash, followed by rice cereal with cinnamon in it. She loved it, lapped it all up, and then she got a yummy bath. Read half a book, ate, and she passed out, bless her heart, before 7:30 PM. Ah, the good life!

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