Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Up with people

I remember back in my old Hebrew Academy days, when I was probably in second grade or so, some traveling show called "Up With People!" came to give us a live presentation. I think the gist of it (most of what I remember is them galavanting across the stage with arms held up, singing "Up, up with people!" again... and again...) was that people are great and we should love people and respect people and diversity and cultures and ear wax, I don't know. The upshot (ba da dum) of this was the song refrain goes through my head as my daughter throws up again.

(took me long enough to get to that point, didn't it?)

She was really golden all day, eating more than yesterday and being with it and everything. All was going well until bedtime, when I fed her, paused apropo to feeding her more... and she sent the meal back to the kitchen, as it were. Poor tochterlach. She was then so utterly exhausted that she kept mouthing to eat more, but didn't want to eat... she fell asleep eventually.

So... We're going to the doctor tomorrow. I can't trace a consistent pattern (for example, earlier today she ate a lot really, really fast... and kept it down. She had a big bottle at the metapelet... and kept it down. She had a small meal tonight, and threw it up. Argh!). I can't trace it to something she ate (unless it's any solids), and from what I could research, it's not a reflux disease. Therefore... it's a virus!! Well, we'll see what the doc says. Fortunately, the doc really likes my daughter (and who wouldn't?).

Anyway, I'm trying to get to sleep early tonight. I fell asleep at work yesterday, and more importantly I have no idea what the night will bring in terms of my barfing beauty. So goodnight!

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