Sunday, October 15, 2006

We get a B+!

Today being isru chag (the day-after-the-holiday), my metapelet doesn't take the kiddos, but I had to go to work! Yoav wasn't back at work today, though, so he stayed home with the girl this morning.

She had a bottle of good old mommymilk. She had a whole bunch of sweet potatoes (she's had them twice now, and she's a BIG fan!). And she had.... formula.

[For now we're setting aside any discussion on the relative merits and evils of formula, but suffice to say Miriam the Mommy bought into a great deal of the nursing party line. We're not judgemental of anyone else, though - please, feed your baby goat's milk and beer if you feel that's best (just from a bottle, never a can).]

I have been trying to analyze my formula issues here (I know you are all deeply curious about my psychoses, second only to your interest in my daughter's bodily functions), and I think it comes down to a misguided optomistic sense of lazy perfectionism. For example, if on a report card I got less than an A, I was disappointed... but the prospect of getting less than an A wouldn't motivate me to do something like study (heaven forfend!) or do research papers more than a couple days in advance, etc. Oral reports? I'd rely on my innate skills to get me through it (that's the misguided optimism), not go over what I wanted to say (laziness), and then be irked when I did poorly (the perfectionism).

So with this whole mothering thing, there are very few things that can be measured in terms of quality in parenting. But there are absolutes. To say I never smacked my kid, that's an absolute statement which packs a bigger punch (pun intended) than "I hit my kid exactly three times in twenty eight years."

So to say my baby NEVER has formula was the perfectionism I was striving for (we're ignoring the first two weeks of her life when she had some under medical direction). Now my baby has had formula never plus one. Huh? I can't make the absolute statement anymore.

Well, at least I can say she didn't have it for a whole long time!! :) And she started with food almost two weeks ago now, so the whole virgin gut idea was already out the diaper, as it were.

Okay, okay, end of self-absorbed ramblings.

Today the weather got much cooler (hurray!) and it rained a little (double hurray, and triple hurray that Yoav got all the textiles and decorations out of the sukka already!!) (memorably, last year we had to put the damp bedding and mattress in our sealed room with the heat turned on, trying to get it all dry). So the girl is finally getting to wear some of her warmer clothes. Ain't she cute? (Thanks S, Y and Y!) How come I don't get a different hat with each outfit? Oh, right. I wear a black skirt every day, and a black hat too. Never mind.

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