Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yes, wait, no

At 11 PM, I tried to post...

I'm using an alternate method of posting, since Blogger is down for now. Just wanted to update ya'll that your good wishes and prayers obviously helped, because today was a No Yuke Day, and the girl kept all her milk down... way down... she's pooped like six times in the past two days, but good 'normal' poops, not sicky ones. Although, they are very, very smelly. I guess it was just time for a intestinal detox, although I hadn't realized formula, rice cereal and two different vegetables counted as 'tox.'

Anyway, she seems recovered. She ate less than normal today, but ate plenty, and seemed in good spirits - Baruch Hashem!!

Will post more in detail when I'm sure it's actually posting!

Now it's 1:26 AM. She woke up about an hour and a half ago. As soon as I saw she wouldn't eat, I suspected she would throw up. But she wasn't lethargic - she was twitchy and whimpering and unhappy. Finally she threw up - but that didn't end the unhappies. Anyway, I just got her back to sleep. She finally ate a teeny bit. Besides the fact that I have no idea what to do about work tomorrow... what are we supposed to be doing that we aren't??

Typing with one eye closed so it can sleep. Going to bed.

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