Thursday, November 30, 2006

What, me tochter?

I barely saw the girl today. She had to be woken up in the morning to leave, so we didn't have much morning time, then I dropped her off as usual. Then Yoav picked her up and they ran errands and visited Savta Raba and did stuff, while I kept working. I kept working because it's the end of the month and I sure could use the extra hours (rather, our bank account sure could use them), and since Yoav was off this afternoon, it worked out fine.

When they picked me up at 5 PMish, the girl was asleep. She woke up over an hour later, and then she was ready for bed by 8 PM. Not a lot of tochtertime.

She really is doing better, Baruch Hashem! No fever today at all, which is amazing, and she ate nicely (well, nicer). The blood test results showed no infection (thank God) and nothing wrong, really. Her iron could be higher but it's acceptable, and she's already getting supplemented, so.. seems she just had a virus! And considering the virus is nasty enough that my experience of it is still unfolding (cough, cough), apparently her little immune system is doing quite well!

We'll go to the doc tomorrow anyway, but really so Yoav can get his flu shot scrip and she can listen to my lungs again, and tell me once again that I have reactive airways. Cough, cough.

The picture above is from a few days ago when we were in the park, and a couple girls decided to play dress up with SR. The reason I'm posting it is the lighting is perfect, and your computer monitor settings aside, that is actually what she looks like, especially the hair. Yum yum yum yum yum! (Tochter: even better than doughnuts.)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More on doughnuts

First of all, an addendum to my last post. One night of 'We've Got Annie!' is already sold out!! This thing isn't for another two months! Yikes!

Miriam's Guide To Happy Fried Jelly Filled Things #2
Sufgania origin point: Not Just Bagels, RBS
Sufgania filling variety: one "strawberry" flavor, one regular (with hole)
Grease level: Noteable, but in no way diminishing from the experience
Unit price: 5.00 NIS each
Assessment: Not Just Bagels makes their own bagels, so it's no surprise that their doughnuts in the same shape are outstanding. I was there at end-of-day, which meant for my purchase of a jelly doughnut I got a jelly and a regular. The sufgania (the jelly one) had the appropriate ratio of squoosh to firmness, and it did not have any of the citrus tones I disliked in the previous review. The jelly itself, alas, was pretty much the same technicolor experience. However, it was the regular holed glazed doughnut that shone. It was smaller, and therefore the frying oil had permeated it more thoroughly, but the taste of the dough coupled with the sugar glaze and the fried flavor made for a truly quality doughnut, on the caliber of Dunkin. I coulda eaten half a dozen. No comments, please.
Rating: *** for jelly, ***** for plain


Miriam's Guide To Happy Fried Jelly Filled Things #3
Sufgania origin point: Ben Ami bakery, Beit Hadafus, Givat Shaul, J-lem (right across from my office)

Sufgania filling variety: "strawberry" flavor
Grease level: Heavy

Unit price: 3.50 NIS each
Assessment: Ben Ami does classy, overpriced, high-flavor very well. Get a salad from them, and it will be an amazing salad - small, but really, really good. So I expected the same of the sufganiot. Indeed, they were smaller than the traditional size, but large enough not everyone would notice. My specimen was so fresh as to still be warm, and that may have been to its detriment. The entire thing was much more evocative of a beignet, it was so darn squishable, and it was very greasy. The grease was so prevalent it leads me to believe their deep fryer had not yet warmed up for the day (I believe I got the first batch of the day). I think more shelf-time might have helped with the squishiness factor as well. I did enjoy it, please don't misunderstand, but it was not the pinnacle of the art form.

Rating: **


Yoav took her for a blood test this morning (not because I was squeamish, but because I had to work this morning and he didn't!). They pricked her finger and then massaged it until they had enough blood.. um, interesting. The girlchild was fine with the prick, but got a little impatient with the massage, and then according to Yoav was REALLY annoyed at having to pinch her finger with the gauze to stop the bleeding!

Anyway, supposedly the results came in this afternoon, but we personally don't have them. Full updates tomorrow.

The metapelet said she was much more herself today. She did eat more, it's true, and she did well overnight last night, B"H. Tonight she even had some of the tomato soup we were having (sans salt), which had enough garlic in it she oughta be cured of whatever ails her!

Yoav is just getting her out of the bathtub now, and I'm blogging early since I have play practice tonight. One of the things that delights me about this show (our rendition of 'Annie') is that I got to do a lot of the lyric re-writes, and I managed to get this line into "Sign"...

"I got your number, you want a tochter."


It's my own private tribute to My Girl. Tickets just went on sale for 'We've Got Annie' (which is what we're calling it), so if any of you Loyal Readers out there want to buy, call 1599-500-850 (yes, that's a real Israeli number). And if any of you Loyal Readers out there want to babysit on the nights in question, why please, lemme know!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Down dooby doo down down

Here I am again. It's amazing how I'm sleeping in my cribby AND blogging at the same time. I'm just that kind of kid.

I wasn't so happy today. Well, I was when my ibuprofen kicked in, but not so much when it hadn't. We went to the doctor, and she said my ears are PERFECT (gosh, just like me!) but if I still have a fever tomorrow then I have to get a blood test. Well, I'm excited, because I like to play with sharp dangerous objects, but Mommy is a little concerned about how I'll take it... Hopefully we're just going to find that my iron is too low (despite supplementation) or something easy to fix like that.

Of course, I may just be teething and there's nothing to do for it!

My weight is down, too, down, um, about 7 ounces (sorry, took me a minute to whip out my trusty dusty slide rule). And yet I'm still so cute!!

I have NOT been eating normally, not milk, not food. Tonight, though, Mommy let me play with this big old yellow thing, and let me suck on it too, until I got my little gums to go through it and bit off a whole piece. Mommy didn't let. But I did eat some banana and some applesauce and cereal and even took my vitamins AND my iron nicely. That is, if you call rubbing them into my nostrils eating nicely (and I do!).

Speaking of bananas, Mommy has been distracting me by playing things from this personalize your banana website. I think I'm going to buy her one for her birthday. I should have my own credit card by then, right?

Oh, and Mommy saw the doctor too, and now Mommy is on some steroid inhaler. Just another thing in the house they won't let me chew on!! But Mommy has been wheezing and coughing so much that she needs relief. The doctor even said maybe being sick changed the taste of Mommy's milk, which is why I haven't been consuming as much.

Yeah, well, either that or I'm just trying to drive everyone crazy!! Good thing they love me so much.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Tochterbean was a little unhappy today at the metapelet. Actually, it seemed like it was Offical Crying Baby Day at the metapelet. She didn't eat (drank my whole freezer stash though, crikey!), slept a lot (for her, anyway).. And then once we got home, she was unhappy too. She took a nice nap (as did I, sigh), and when she woke up she got baby Motrin and once it kicked in, she was better.

Teething? Hope so. The metapelet thinks it's her ears again, but Mommy does NOT let.

Here's the sweetypie, and goodnight to you all.

(Oh, the video isn't up yet. Okay, here are a couple pics to get your fix:)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oral stage

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a food-grimace, when the subject is a big camera ham? Please appreciate my efforts on behalf of you all.

Yeah, so seems she doesn't like bell peppers. Taka, today she didn't like very much, period. She didn't even eat her chulent!! Never fear, I'm sending more tomorrow.

We think she's teething, and yes, there should be a rule that she's not allowed to start teething until we've had one week of Boring Health, but here we are. She's eating little, alternating between gnawing on everything and not letting anything touch her mouth, and she's a bit kvetchy. She just woke up now to cry (poor baby). Yoav held her and administered Oragel, which seemed to help, and she got a dose of ibuprofen too (why ibuprofen? Clearly, because it's easier to spell than acitomitamitamitaphine! No, really because it lasts longer and is an anti-inflamatory and, incidentally, doesn't stain!). She calmed down, ate, and we put her back to bed.

That's about all the news. Oh, I'm still coughing (less unattractively, B"H) and still wheezing more than I'd like, ya know? Back to the doctor the day after tomorrow. Goodnight!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Shiny happy people

Oh, we had a nice shabbos! Out for dinner (for a un-Thanksgiving turkey dinner that couldn't be beat), here for lunch with girls, and even though pretty much all the food was store-bought (Yoav made the chulent, I baked the cake from a mix), it was so nice to be HOME together, ya know?

The girl was yummy cute in her new clothes too! And she ate CHULENT for the first time!! She slept really, really well afterwards, because hey, that's what you do after you eat chulent!

I am proud to say that I'm just about compulsive-mommy-ed out. From when she was a month old until we went to America this summer, I kept a compulsive Excel sheet of her eatings and sleepings, etc. Since we came back until now, I've kept a compulsive website of eatings, sleepings, etc (although I have NOT used the diaper function or anything - if you want to view my complusivity, please feel free to look at this public version and make fun of me accordingly.

But anyway, I've just about had enough of keeping track of everything. For medicine, it was great, but IY"H we can be done with being sick for awhile!! For solids, when she was just starting with them and I wanted to be very careful of allergies, it was great, but she's eaten a wide variety of things now and she's been fine, bli ayin hara, so I think.. I think it may be time to wean off the compulsive mothering!!

Be proud of me please. By keeping track of her on the computer, I was asserting some level of control over her. By ceasing to do so, I'm realizing I ain't got diddly control over her Highness.

A good week to you all!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy frenzy

Okay, it's erev shabbos, and we're running around... but we're running around (insert happy sigh) together! Aw! Barf.

No, really, the girl threw up this morning (while lying on her back in the crib - ew). But I think it's just because she ate too much, not from any sinister cause. She's been B"H just fine all day.

Here's a picture of her in the fancy knit poncho shabbos cape whosits that one of Pumpkinhead's grandmommies bought for her. Also mayhaps a little large, but very cute!

I'm using my nebulizer (alas, still wheezing, but coughing less) and getting all funkily lightheaded. Ah, the spiritual uplift of shabbos... or something...

Have a great shabbos, everyone!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


He's back, and we're better. Cough cough! Here's Prune and Abba, post bath and massage, together again (aw):

Here's a picture of the girl, surrounded by the spoils of war! Thanks to all contributing grandparents!

And here she is, trying on her new coats... hmm, maybe just a TAD long in the arm...

Tonight's Ventolin didn't make me all fla-fla, alas, but rather my hands are shaking a tad and I feel a tiny bit woozy... Darn it! I was getting used to all the extra energy! Cough cough. Must stop tapping foot!

The girl is MUCH better, eating better, being happier, thank God! My coughing is actually improved, as is my voice, as is my temperment.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Okay, so the nebulized Ventolin is a little, um, trippy. It's even wearing off now, but I feel like my hands are looser at the ends of my arms, ya know? It's not that I have more energy, it's that everything is looser. Yeah, well, whatever, we're hoping the wheezing will pass soon so I won't have to use this stuff (although hey, my bathtub looks great since I scrubbed it at midnight).

Anyway... Yoav will be landing in just under 7 hours - yippee!! We made it! Mostly, anyway. Darn it, two days ago every single dish in the house was washed... How'd we use so many dishes in two days?

I did go back to work, and the girl did get back to the metapelet today. I was fine, just a bunch of socially unacceptable coughing (that'll teach them not to give me a private office!). And the girl was fine, just hardly drank her milk nor ate her food. The latter was carrots and oat cereal. I'm concerned that all these days of having super-sweet medicines and whatever fruity baby food I could coax down her throat has impaired her drive for vegetables. The doc mentioned that she's eating less cause her tummy is full of the mucus she's swallowing. Lovely, but no doubt a realistic assesment.

I continued to benefit from both the soup and the milk of human kindness, as the L's provided me with more chicken soup (which I scarfed down a liter of - you see, this is the problem with using containers you know the size of!), and the F's (as in the A and M F's, in case the parental F's of Houston are reading) not only donated a bag of milk so Yoav can have his coffee tomorrow morning (would you believe he's teaching tomorrow?), but also stayed with the sleeping baby while I ran down to the car to empty the trunk. As I explained to them, even if I'm gone 6.3 seconds, those could be the 6.3 seconds she wakes up, learns to climb out of her crib, learns to walk, and sticks a metal rod into a socket. It could happen! Thanks to all!

Okay, gotta go to sleep. So excited!!!

Going to sleep...

Me again!

Although I've never read it (only because Mommy won't let me borrow hers, since it's falling apart), I will now quote Anne of Green Gables, book 4:

"And when the week will be over, you will be here... and I won't want anything else."

Goodnight, everyone! Abba is in the air flying home to me, and I'll see him in the morning! Should I just sleep straight until then, a nice, long, uninterrupted sleep?

What do you think? ;)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wheezy and Banana Breath

The doc agreed with me that indeed I am wheezing and I need to be drugged accordingly. Sarah Rochel is also doing MUCH better, baruch Hashem!. The doc said SR and I have the same virus, and she is more advanced in it than I, i.e. she's on the upswing, and I'm not!

So the good news is the Ventolin we bought for the girl and used exactly once won't go to waste... I get to use the nebulizer now! IY"H I won't cry the whole time.

A wonderful neighbor (who told me to stop thanking her already, but I don't think this counts) blessedly took the girl this morning for a few hours, so my weary self (it took HOURS to fall asleep last night, I was wheezing and coughing so much) could do exotic things like showering, praying, sleeping... wow.

That's pretty much it... Today was the aforementioned, then hanging out until the doc's appointment, then hanging out till dinner time, bath time, bedtime. Then I vegetated in front of the computer for a bit, ate dinner, did laundry, cleaned up a bit, washed some selective dishes, and now I'm blogging.

Speaking of dinner, she had bananas and oat cereal tonight, otherwise known as pre-concrete. Enjoy this little example of my daughter's table manners - when I let her get ahold of the bowl, anyway.

The picture up above is her wearing a little jacket for the first time. How convenient that the zipper comes with a chew toy?

Okay, I'm using the nebulizer right now... I think this might be the 'infant' mask... Who knew my chin was that much further than from my nose than hers? She better not wake up and cry now, because there is no way I'd hear her (fortunately, she just woke up and ate about 10 minutes ago, so it's unlikely, not that that ever stopped her before.) (postscript later: cool, I'm not wheezing! Now hopefully I just won't get the shakes that I've been warned about. Hey, I think I'm typing faster. Hmm...)

Oh oh oh!! It's Rosh Chodesh Kislev today! That means Chanuka is coming, and THAT means we can now embark upon the spiritual celebration of the miracle of oil, namely that of eating sufganiot. Since in Israel this is the only time of year we get doughnuts, I must restrict myself to only having them after Rosh Chodesh, and we try not to go overboard. So here is a new blog feature - Miriam's Seasonal Guide To Happy Fried Jelly Filled Things.

Miriam's Guide To Happy Fried Jelly Filled Things #1
Sufgania origin point: the 'Bonjour' bakery in Shefa Shuk, RBS
Sufgania filling variety: "strawberry" flavor
Grease level: Appropriate
Unit price: 2.95 NIS each
Assessment: A fine way to start the season. My specimen was very fresh, fried no more than two hours before consumption. The dough itself is nicely textured. It has a hint of citrus to it (perhaps orange juice in the batter?) which I personally dislike but lends a depth most fans would enjoy. The exterior was soft, there was a nice proportion of filling to dough, and the powdered sugar on top was ample but not overdone. The filling itself belied its artificial origins (I got my daily quota of 'Red'), but for artifical was very respectable, unjarring. Chocolate filling was also available.
Rating: ***

Monday, November 20, 2006

Cough, cough

The doc this morning said my lungs are clear (wheeze, wheeze), and the girl's are a little wheezy but she does NOT need the nebulizer again (hurray!) and she's on the up and up. Baruch Hashem! I asked how her ears look, and the doctor said, "dull." Oh.

I need to go to sleep, so I'm going to be terse, but I took lots of pictures today. Enjoy! The boogers in her nose were ones she specifically requested I not remove. Um, right. And it's not a skin condition, it's just rice cereal.

Oh, so cute. In the car today I was playing the Banana Boat song (thanks Uncle Micah for putting it on the cd!) and the girl was going "da da da" in response to Harry Belafonte. Adorable!

She is definitely better, but for some reason is still happier if she's recently had a dose of the acetomitatatatathing. I dunno why (maybe it's her dull ears?) but I will ask the doctor at tomorrow's appointment!! I just LOVE socialized medicine - can't get enough!

(These may not load - if not, I'll upload again tomorrow. Goodnight!)


Overdosing on antihistamines? Bad. Proper dosing? Good. But alas, we didn't have any tonight, which is why Prune has been up for the last hour (and about once every 90 minutes prior). My back hurts (lots of carrying and rocking), I'm all coughed out (bonus to holding crying baby in baby's room: getting to share the humidifier!), and while I really did thank God every day for our good health before this whole episode (and I am still thankful that this is just a bad cold, and nothing catastrophic), I may need to up those prayers in the future.

I gave her some acetamitamitamitabobphine (whatever), held her until she finally stopped crying, put her back in her crib with the lullabies playing... and she was quiet within a couple minutes. I'm going to go creep in and check her state of blanket coverage, and then I'm going back to my own sweet sleep.

Update about twenty minutes later: Woke her up (or she woke up, whatever). Fed her, rocked her, put her back down. She's quiet - maybe awake, but quiet. Whew.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Soup of human kindness

Those of you who don't live in a place like Ramat Beit Shemesh, you best get yourselves here as quickly as possible. And those of you who do, consider yourself given internationally-publicized accolades. 'Cause you're the best, and I would NOT be making it without you.

It takes a neighborhood to raise a mommy.

I'm sitting here, typing away, eating my borrowed chicken soup, while my daughter is sleeping in her crib with nicely humidified air (thanks S!). She's BRIEthing easier thanks to a borrowed nebulizer (how's that for a shout-out, B?). I knew what to put in said nebulizer (and retained a sizable portion of my sanity) due to another friend (Dr L! The other one! How many times did I call you today - a round dozen?). And all this before any of the paid professionals, and besides the unremitting support of my families abroad.

And all that is just today!! I've had a couple weeks of this, B"H!

But you'll be wanting an update on the girl.

This morning at the doc we established the following:
1) I didn't kill her with my little overdosing last night, but perhaps don't do that again. We stopped that medication for now, actually, because we're concerned it knocked her out so much (ya think?) that she aspirated too much mucus.
2) I wish this blog were still about poop. Much more fun than mucus.
3) To avoid her lungs getting worse (and God forbid, pneumoniatic), she's on a mucus-thinning medication (which tastes AMAZING and I am jealous - it makes her smell like ice cream!), and Ventolin, which is what gets delivered through the nebulizer.
4) Sarah Rochel does NOT like the nebulizer, not one bit. But at least all that crying means she's inhaling deeply.
5) None of this represents a bacterial infection just yet, so no antibiotics...yet. We're hoping we don't need them, mostly because I heard about this study.
6) When this is all over, she is SO getting her flu shot. I think I'll get one too, since the kupa's computers persist in thinking I'm diabetic (I'm not, B"H) and so I get a free shot.

She took a lovely two hour nap today - and so did I! The rest of the time she alternated between playing alone happily or wanting to be held. She did eat more than yesterday, thank God, nursing and drinking water (only out of Mommy's cup) and even eating some fruit. She was starting to get tired, we used the nebulizer - crying, crying - and then to cheer her up we watched Abba on the computer... and she fell asleep, sitting up in my lap! I put her down in the car seat, and went to fetch my borrowed chicken soup. About an hour later, I took her out of the car seat, fed her, and put her into bed. Whew.

The first doctor's appointment I could get tomorrow is 10 AM, so looks like we'll be missing part or all of work tomorrow. Hurray for sick days!

The above picture is from this morning, when trying to wake her up to go to the doc's I was shooting her. The quality is because I hadn't turned the flash back on after last night's artsy shot.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Okay, I'm ready for another adult in the house. It's not even the garbage ("It's been sitting by the door for two days and no one has taken it out yet!"), the laundry, the dishes, and it's not even the girl. It's just...

Yoav likes to tell a story (I will no doubt get some details wrong) of a girl who he saw lose her wallet. She competently starts making calls to cancel credit cards and so on... until her soon-to-be-husband shows up. As soon as he's there, she dissolves into a puddle of trauma and "ohmigosh" and can't do a thing.

It's kinda the reverse over here. When Yoav is here, I'm a lot more competent. (Okay, sometimes.) For example, as ya'll know Prunella is on this decongestant. So tonight I give her her dose - 4 drops. Oops, maybe a fifth one dropped in there, but fine, there's some left on the spoon. Fine. About five minutes later, she coughs and spits up a bunch - twice. After phone consultations with friends, I give her one drop (a quarter of the regular dose), and proceed with putting her to bed, etc.

Immediately after I've made this decision, I start thinking I made the totally WRONG decision, and and and bad bad bad.

She's been asleep for more than 3 hours. I just spent 20 more-or-less harrowing minutes (three hours? Ten?) holding a crying girl who would not open her eyes. I thought she was having a bad dream, tried to wake her - she would not open her eyes. I tried everything short of stripping her and plunking her in the tub. She did crack them once or twice, eventually, and my attempts did prove some level of consciousness (crying worse when I used the snotsucker, pushing away me or bottle, holding my necklace, etc). But freaky!! The drug does make her drowsy, but this was scary. She finally fell asleep in my arms as I paced the hallway and played lullabies on the stereo.

And she's moaning in her sleep every now and then.

Last night she slept for 9 hours (!), a record for her. I even fed her once in the middle - she didn't wake up. So 9 hours, then up for an hour (eating and crying) and back asleep for two more. Very little napping today, mostly okay today (a tad fragile, and still not eating as much as usual). Around 6 PM I nurse her - and she falls asleep, fully dressed. Being a good mother, I promptly take this picture of her asleep on the changing pad, then ease off her shoes and try to get her in some semblance of pajamas. She wakes up. Fine, she gets a bath, story time, eats some more, finally back in bed.

Occasional moan. Tossing, turning.

I creep in to find she's 180 degress away from where I left her, and she's managed to pile a folded blanket on top of Kermit and pillow her head on it. I took a picture, sans flash, and then tried to lighten it. Here it is, and I'm sorry it's not better:
And she sleeps until the aforementioned debacle.

Since then, just a moment ago, I went in to hear more snorting and unhappy noises - but she's still asleep.

And so the moral is - we miss Yoav! (True story: the only intelligble thing my daughter said for all that time she was crying was 'abba.') If nothing else, he'd tell me I'm not a bad mother. Or that I am. But either way, I'd know!!

He's in LA for shabbos, so it won't be Saturday night there for like another eighteen hours or something absurd.

It's hard to tell in all this tirade, but she actually IS feeling better. She was maybe running a low fever this morning, but since then she hasn't been feverish - hurray! Her nose was running less too. I am developing a blechy cough.

And so, dear readers who have put up with my meanderings and complainings, please feel free to tell me what I did wrong (or right). And, dear husband, don't feel bad that you're not here, because I did want you to go on this trip and I support you, etc, etc.

But know that we miss you, and when you come home, I probably won't ask you to take out the garbage for at least a day. Bli neder. And if you ever want to do this again, I'm importing another adult, okay?

(end of whiny post)

Friday, November 17, 2006


Doc said she's improving, but boy is she not happy (okay, she was happy at the doc's, but before and after, nope!). So I got a triaminic-smelling drug for her, to help clear up her congestion, because boy is she congested. And she's not eating much or drinking much, and right now she just cried herself to sleep in my arms. Boy do I wish I could help her...

Last night I dreamt Yoav set her down to crawl, and she picked herself up and started walking. Then she started running up and down steps. Oh. Not bad. Oh, and she was a shark, and I was trying to come to terms with my un-admitted regret that my baby was a shark, but she was still awfully cute (even if she did keep biting my ankle).

But now I'm going to run around like a mishuggane as I realize just how much of a mess the two of us have made since last Friday's cleanup. Good shabbos and good health to us all!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here baby, there momma, everywhere daddy

Summary: Our ears are blah, we still had a fever, not so interested in food, our nose is runny, our little throat is congested... BUT: our hair is growing!! Check out these pics - it got all nice and damp and curly after we sat in the steamy bathroom for a while, trying to improve our breathing. Tomorrow we go to the doctor yet again, and we'll see what she says. My friend just told me about baby Actifed... hmmm...

The girl is such a sweety, even when she's all congested and crying and shnozzling and wiping her face on my clothes and refusing to eat or be happy doing anything... okay, I'll get back to you on that sweety thing. But still so loveable!

Is anyone actually surprised this child's gonna have curly hair? If she didn't we'd suspect a mistake at the hospital...

And now, in AbbaWatch, Abba is in St Louis now (or maybe he's midair?). The nice people he stayed with in Memphis made him a little lunch box to take with him - wasn't that sweet? I hope he doesn't get too used to having someone making food for him, or he may not come home!! (And yet, he's about to have NCSY shabbaton food for the second week running - methinks he'll come home fast enough!)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The goof is on fire*

We are, B"H, doing better, although I wasn't sure of it and had to have the doctor tell me (I love socialized medicine!). But the doc confirms the girl's ears are improving, so even though she had a fever today and had enough shnikeys coming out of her nose to feed Thailand*, she is actually on the mend.

She drank very little at the metapelet (which, hey, is great for keeping up the freezer reserve of milk, if not great for our health), and didn't eat much at home either, but she got some fluids in her (if nothing else, bathwater!). She's fine.

Last night at 10:30 PM or whatever it was when I put her to bed again, she wasn't asleep when I put her down (like she usually is). I left her room, and she fussed, not crying but more whimpering and moaning. So Hashem made a miracle and our broken cd player started working again, and I played her one song from "Bedtime with the Beatles" about four times, and she was asleep. So tonight at 8:30 or so, she was SO exhausted but as soon as I put her down - wide awake! I sang to her a bit more, went through all the goodnight rituals, and left. This time it was closer to crying than whimpering, but still not the full fledged "oh my GOSH come and get me!" cry. And it took just three rounds of the same song - and she was out.

Our little bean is learning to fall asleep alone!! So proud!

As you can see from the pictures, we're gradually getting smiley again, thank God! Okay, well, the blah one in the baby carrier is from yesterday, when she couldn't muster a smile. But see the difference a day (and three doses of Acamoli) can make! The spectacular face paint you see is a combination of chicken soup and iron, so we can all visualize what a IY"H bli ayin hara one-day little brother of Sarah Rochel will look like with his flaming red goatee. Or something.

Yoav is now in Boca and Miami. Yesterday he was in Atlanta, the day before in Baltimore and Silver Spring, the day before in Detroit and New York, the day before in Cleveland... yikes! And tomorrow it's Memphis and St. Louis, then LA... But hey, he's your man if you need to know where the nearest exit row is. Remember - your closest exit may be behind you (this obviously means something on a metaphorical level).

*This title is an allusion to a Camp Moshava (circa 1990) color war cheer, when we were the Goof (body) versus the Neshama (soul) and proudly chanted "The goof, the goof, the goof is on fire - we don't need no water we just keep getting hotter." Poetic, I know. It's funny cause a) the girl's body has a fever, and b) she's a goof-ball. Or at least I am. (Dumb things like this are why one shouldn't blog last thing at night before retiring. Cheese for brains!)

**You wouldn't believe what they eat there.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Here I am!

Hi blog! Thanks for stopping by to read all about me and my mommy and my abba (he's the guy mommy keeps showing me videos of). Anyway, as you all know I've been running a fever lately. Well, we went to my good friend Dr. L today, and besides her telling me I'm the cutest baby in all of RBS (she always says that), she said I have an ear infection. An ear infection! On both sides! It's a very, very mild one, but still!! Mommy got all indignant, since only formula-fed babies are supposed to get ear infections, and SHE never had an ear infection in her life, and I'm supposed to be just like her, etc, etc, etc. Oh well!

So the doc said I don't need antibiotics yet, and since I'm not in pain, Baruch Hashem, I don't even need eardrops. My fever is low enough she even lets me not take the aceta...aceta... um, the medicine, which is a pity cause it's very yummy, and I like to play with the syringe.

I'm still not totally myself, which is no doubt why I'm wide awake at this hour and sitting here on Mommy's lap typing away and hollering 'aaaaiaaah' to the necklace I'm chewing on (talk about multitasking!).

I miss Abba!! Mommy says I'm being very cuddly, since I'm sick, and I love to cuddle with Abba...

What else is new? Mommy cut my nails today, and I'd like to publicly tell her it's my own fault I got cut, since I was wiggling so much. I really appreciate her trying to save me from scratching myself! Oh, and today at the doc's we weighed me - I'm 7 kilos! I finally doubled my birth weight!

Here's a picture of me. Ain't I cute?

I'm going to go devote more of my energies to making really loud vowel sounds in my mom's ears, but goodnight my public! I love you all!

Babe in arms

Almost all of my original blogs were typed one-handed, since one hand was holding the girl.

Okay, flashback time! So we'd like to welcome Sarah Rochel who's chosen to come out of bed and spend some time with us.

What's that dear? Oh, well if you really want to. Lemme just scoot over on the keyboard here...


Wow, been a while since I blogged at this hour of the day.

She woke up about a half hour ago and seemed warm again to me. I didn't want to take her temperature now because in theory she was going to eat and go back to sleep.

She's not fussing, but she kept stopping eating to say 'dadadadada' and occasionally 'ees, ess.' I gave her another dose of Acamoli, fed her some more, and put her back to bed. I think she'll drop off soon.

This morning (um, I think that means yesterday morning) she was eating, and pulled away to say with great urgency, "Eetah! Eetah! Ma eetah!!" and back to the food. Her diction was excellent, although her content needs some work.

Just went to listen at her door. I think she's knocking her pacifier against the bars of her crib. She's really adorable. I think I'm going to go back to bed, even if she's still awake. If she needs me, she'll let me know (bless her).

Monday, November 13, 2006


I'm proud to say I have overcome a parenting hurdle. I've successfully taken the girl's temperature!! She didn't even cry or anything, and I didn't puncture any major organs (to the best of my knowledge) nor do I think she'll require therapy for this act of parenting (the others? Who knows?).

The bad part is - her temperature was 102.1! Bummer!

She seemed fine, actually, a tad more cuddly (aww...) and a bit less hungry (she didn't even finish her bottles at the metapelet this morning). Oh yeah, and she was really really really warm to the touch. Poor baby!

So she got Acamoli (read: baby acetomitmitamitaphine (you try to spell it at 11:30 PM!)) and thank God, about an hour later she was sweating and much cooler, so it seems her fever broke.

Fortunately, this was the one day in the last several months that I got my act together and prepared dinner the night before in the form of soup that cooked in the crock pot all day. So I was planning on giving the girl chicken soup for dinner even before she was sick! Here's a picture of her eating it - she wasn't too thrilled (although she ate her applesauce and oat cereal this morning with much aplomb (no plums, though)).

The top picture is her cuddled up against her mommy, watching Abba on the computer (over and over and over). You might think I'm a callous paparazzist for taking pictures of her when she's sick. But
a) she's really cute
b) I do it for posterity. For history.
c) I do it for Prunella's survival. How so? Fifteen years from now, I suspect I'll need vivid reminders of how much she relied on me.

She got a little wipe down (we need to buy a bathroom heater - until then, when she's feverish we'll skip the cold bathroom), and she didn't like that too much, although she liked being nekked before I started. She was sucking on her toes and clapping her feet SO nicely that I had to run and get the camera... whereupon she refused to do it again. But she be yum anyway. Note that she has 10 toes. I still count them sometimes... (playing "this little tzaddik*" is very comforting in terms of toe count reassurance)

Anyway, last time I checked on her her fever was still down, thank God! Her ears don't seem to be bothering her, nor her throat, nor her still toothless-gums. Those are all the usual suspects of baby fevers. Hopefully it's just One of Those Thangs, and she'll be all better in the morning, amen!

*This little tzaddik went to the makoles, and this little tzaddik stayed home, and this little tzaddik had chulent, and this little tzaddik had none....

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Okay, so I found the setting on the camera that makes videos lesser quality, which means they're smaller, which means I can bombard everyone with more of them - yippee!

Here's the girl listening to Abba on the computer:

And another of her performing Just For You:

And yet another (which may not be 'live' yet) of her saying hello to the blog:

And here's a regular picture (imagine!) of her post-bath:

And one of her drinking:

She had applesauce for the first time today, actual baby-food-from-a-jar applesauce at that (it was a treat for both of us!). Surprisingly she wasn't so very into it. She may just not have been hungry.

Yoav should be in NY any minute now, I think, after his successful shabbaton in Detroit. Oh, and an astute FOB (Fan Of the Blog) (thanks Y!) sent me the following, cut and pasted from the Hanna Sacks, Chicago, email newsletter:

This week saw two more visits by heads of seminaries - Rabbi X of ABC and Rabbi Druyan of Bnot Torah Institute (Sharfman's). Both presentation included Divrei Torah and an overview of the seminary, followed by questions and answers. The presentations were well received and highly informative.

I especially like the part when they call him the head of the seminary!

I have been fairly slothful and have been sitting here at the computer since the girl went to sleep, so I'll post more later... or I won't... A little suspense is good for you.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

All's well on the middle eastern backside

We had a perfectly nice shabbos, thanks to our neighbors (hurray!). My daughter even got FLEISHIGS for the first time ever at the Lev's house, where she had chicken soup mixed in with oat cereal. She's consumed part of her first animal! My little carnivore...

She actually had a couple other firsts this shabbos, eating bits of tea biscuit and potato kugel off the floor. Yeah, well, whatever. She also took a (short) nap in some boy's crib today - jeepers!

The picture here is of a friend holding her - that ain't me. But the girl is yum.

Friday night around 11 PM I'm sitting here reading when suddenly my cell phone (I hadn't turned it off for shabbos) gives a beep. Hurray! We had an SMS (an SMS? a SMS? Does the 'a' or 'an' go on the sound of the word or the letter (a S, an ess)) from Abba waiting for us! He got to Detroit safely (he was driving from Cleveland on Friday) and as it's still shabbos for him now, we hope he's having a good one! We definitely miss him, but we're coping.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Another day... (ew, lame title)

Today was... well, nothing special. That is, it was special because it was another day of playing and growing and having fun and spending money (when Abba is away, Mommy tends to go shopping - just for stuff we need, right!). But we just did and were and all was well. The girl went to sleep just fine (thoughtfully splitting a poop into pre-Flying Naked Baby time and post-getting in the tub), and has been out since about 8:30 PM. I have been doing some housework and talking on the phone and somehow it got this late... Oh, and I've been editing video, of course!

The picture above is the girl watching her abba on the computer again.
I think she liked her avocado this evening, but for like the first time ever, while she was eating she turned away from the camera. Did I pick the wrong kid up from the metapelet? She made up for it on the video, though. Correct, she had the avocado before the video, which accounts for that lovely gray rouge she's sporting.

In case I don't get here again before shabbos, have a good one! And goodnight, Rabbi Druyan, wherever you are out there.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Multimedia munchkin

Since Yoav is away, we're trying to take lots of pictures and videos to share online so he can try not to miss us too much (as if!). It's amazing - my camera loving daughter will stop everything (even crying, I think) to smile at a camera... but if she's doing something adorable and I try to catch a video, she stops and just stares.

She was SO adorable today, talking up a storm, giggling at everything, and just being totally, utterly wonderful, bli ayin hara. Which is why the best video I could get of her was of her eating a bite, fairly quietly:

I think she misses her abba... I sat down at the table and she was what, seven feet away on the floor, playing? She immediately crawled over (on her knees, thank you) and continued playing, just at my feet. Someone noticed there's less parental attention around. Or not, and I'm projecting that I noticed there's no Yoav around!!
Yoav recorded a couple videos for her to watch while he was gone, and this is a picture of her watching her abba talking to her (aw). It was great. I left her in the highchair and let him babysit for a couple minutes, while I ran her bath.

Thank God the girl continues to feel well and eat well and poop well (twice today, once underwater). Tomorrow IY"H we will introduce the girl to avocado!

I have decided to stay home for this shabbos, and I've kindly been invited out to neighbors for the meals. I'm just not ready to trek outa town with baby and pack'n'play and accessories and and and. Maybe next week...

I didn't buy the girl a coat today, because they all seemed too big or impractical. I did buy a yummy fleecy outfit, a pair a tights, a adorable little turtleneck for my little turtle, and a fleece onesie. I have it on excellent authority that Yoav might just be bringing back some booty (actually, a pair of booties) from the US, so I'm gonna see what we got (thanks Bubbie! thanks Savta!) before I shop further.

Today Toch and I slept late (and went to work late) which was great and necessary, but alas, we can't do it again tomorrow, so I must be off!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


As Yoav's brother once said, Z. Z. Z.

We are TIRED! Yoav's been gone what, 24 hours, and
a) the house is a mess (like as in, no dishes left, no clean clothes left, don't let the baby crawl on the floor kind of mess),
b) I am tired (like as in, if I want to know the time I best check a digital clock, because the big and little hands are beyond me right now)
c) the baby is tired (like as in, we went to a birthday party tonight and so she didn't go to sleep until 10:30 PM!)

Okay, to be fair, before Yoav left the house was a mess and I was tired. I just had grandiose plans about those things magically being all better once he was gone!

Anyway, the girl continues to say "Uhbuh" (that is, Abba) nicely, as well as "puh puh puh" and the ever evocative "tsis." But when she sees a camera all she does is smile (as you know) so it's hard to capture on video.

Today she ate a breadstick! Her first wheat AND her first self-fed food! She did it like a pro, too.

She had some formula today, but not a lot. Clearly, she likes me better (had I already mentioned that?).

The greater Jerusalem area continues to be going bonkers over the Gay Pride parade happening on Friday. Protests everywhere, and many protests are giving the Bored and Restless a chance to burn things and throw rocks, etc. It's horrible. What's the worst is that so many of the offenders look like orthodox Jews. I say they look like us, but aren't actually religious, because I'm sorry, throwing rocks at buses (buses of Jews!) is a definite no-no last I learned! While I am adamantly against this parade happening, I want it to be over with already so people can settle down. It's nuts. More here.

I'm going to sign off and go blitz the house for a few minutes so it's safe for
a) tochters who crawl
b) mommies who want to retain sanity (and some level of hygiene)